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Case Studies

Subject: Liver Cancer

Della became jaundiced in 1974. She went to a hospital in Portland, Oregon, where a liver scan and biopsy proved cancer. In January, 1975, she was given three to five weeks to live. She lost an alarming amount of weight, and was at one point down to only 67 lbs. She was sent home with a hopeless prognosis, semi-comatose, on heavy drugs, and in severe pain. Della’s family started her on the Gerson Therapy at home. After three months, she was able to leave her bed, was no longer in pain, and was off all of her drugs. She regained the weight she had lost, and settled at a normal 115 lbs. Della remained well and cancer-free for twenty years. Della passed away in 1995 at age 90, of natural causes other than cancer.


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