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Case Studies

Subject: Melanoma

Beata had a skin lesion biopsied and was diagnosed with melanoma (Clark level 4), which was spreading throughout her body. Her doctors performed a wide excision in December, 1979. The cancer spread into groin in December. She refused further surgeries. Beata began the Gerson Therapy at the clinic in January, 1981. Beata made a full recovery. A former BBC writer and novelist, Beata wrote an excellent memoir chronicling her recovery, called A Time to Heal. Beata remains in excellent health, and is very active and energetic. Today, Beata travels throughout Europe lecturing on the Gerson Therapy. She works at the Gerson Health Centre in Hungary, and also works with the UK Gerson Support Group.

In 1975, Jaquie had tumors all over her head, neck, abdomen, diaphragm, arms, and legs. Her abdomen bloated to 30 lb. Her biopsy revealed melanoma. Her doctor told her that she had less than three weeks to live, and that her death would be swift and certain. Jaquie gave away all her possessions and made her own funeral dress. Her family started her on the Gerson Therapy at home. Despite her death sentence, Jaquie made a full recovery, and wrote an inspiring book about her treatment called Cancer Winner.

Case #13 in A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. John had a bleeding mole, and his biopsy revealed melanoma, in March, 1950. In October of 1950, he had a new lump, and his arm was amputated. In July, 1951, he developed a new tumor, and the biopsy again showed melanoma. He had new moles, and began coughing. His X-rays showed lung tumors, with black masses in his muscles and glands. John began the Gerson Therapy with Dr. Gerson in October, 1951. His tumors disappeared, and he experienced no recurrence in 42 years. John died of other causes in 1993.

Tom was biopsied in March, 1982, and diagnosed with melanoma (Clark’s level IV). Within 10 days, the melanoma recurred at the excision site and metastasized rapidly. His doctors told him that surgery was hopeless. He began the Gerson Therapy in May, 1982 at the Gerson clinic. Tom had no other treatments, and went into complete remission. Tom remains healthy and cancer-free, and has two children.

Virginia is Case #12 in Dr. Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. In September, 1945, Virginia had an ankle wound that would not heal. She had it excised and the biopsy revealed melanoma. In June 1946, she had a recurrence, and developed dark nodes in groin. In August, 1946, she had two new recurrences and an ankle edema. The doctors declared her prognosis hopeless. Virginia began the Gerson Therapy with Dr. Gerson in September, 1946. She made a full recovery, and gave birth to a healthy baby in October, 1948. At the time of our last contact, Virginia reported that she remained healthy and active, and had been free of cancer for over 50 years.


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