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Case Studies

Subject: Rheumatoid Arthritis

In 1941, X-rays taken at New York Presbyterian Medical Center showed that Bill’s spine was fused from top to bottom with rheumatoid arthritis. His doctors offered him no hope. He began the Gerson Therapy with Dr. Gerson in October, 1941. Bill also suffered from bleeding stomach ulcers, which vanished in six weeks. Bill resumed some light work after 7 1/2 months on the Therapy, and took on heavy duties in 14 months. His health was completely restored. Our last contact with Bill indicated that he enjoyed over 50 years of good health.

Melva suffered from a number of medical problems, beginning in 1944, and underwent conventional treatments until 1979. Melva had heart problems and coronary artery disease. She was diagnosed as diabetic in 1965, and began taking drugs to control the disease. Melva developed poor control of her legs, and began to lose feeling in her legs and feet. She also suffered from Cushing's syndrome (adrenal disease, obesity, fatigue, weakness, osteoporosis, edema, infections). One year, she contracted pneumonia twice. In addition to her other health problems, Melva had an enlarged liver and arthritis in many of her joints. She was diagnosed with premature Alzheimer’s disease, and among her symptoms were anxiety, ataxia, confusion and aphasia. She was on prescription drugs for many years, and underwent many surgeries during this time.

Melva began the Gerson Therapy at the clinic in Mexico in October, 1979. She astonished her doctors with her rapid improvement. Her many health problems and diseases vanished; she went off all of her drugs. Melva remained active and healthy for 22 years, and passed away in 2001 at age 86.


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