Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center

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Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center
This program offers an opportunity to:

  • Learn and experience a modified version of the Gerson Therapy
  • Observe demonstrations of food and juice preparation
  • Receive guidance from a Gerson Naturopathic Physician
  • Participate in a program focused on optimizing health using the principles of the Gerson Therapy
  • The program at the Restoration Center is a six day program which is held seven to eight times a year in Encinitas, California. There is currently a wait list for our August 11-17th and September 22-28th sessions, but we are still taking applications and encourage you to fill out the information form. These sessions are for individuals without cancer or specific health concerns and provides an opportunity to experience a modified version of the Therapy for the purpose of detoxification and optimizing nutritional status. A typical day consists of Gerson meals, up to nine juices and three coffee enemas per day, and basic supplements. The Gerson diet consists of raw juices and vegetarian, slow-cooked meals. Some of the foods and supplements used are animal-based. Please read Healing the Gerson Way to learn more about the specifics of the Gerson foods and diet. There will also be demonstrations and classes in food preparation, juicing, coffee enema technique, applying castor oil and clay packs, etc. Guidelines for continuing a modified protocol for health enhancement will be provided.

    The center offers a peaceful environment and private, light-filled bedrooms with hardwood flooring. You can enjoy a view of the ocean from the second-story kitchen and living room deck, or take a walk on the beaches nearby. We have three rooms that can accommodate either three individuals or a couple and two individuals. We cannot accommodate children at the center. Please keep in mind the center is not a clinic or a treatment facility. If you have cancer or other degenerative diseases you can apply for treatment at a licensed clinic.

Our staff at the Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center includes:

  • A professional chef
  • A naturopathic doctor
  • Gerson training staff
  • Home Set-up Trainer Interns

Cost: $3,200 (Single) $5,600 (Couple)
Due to the popularity of the program and limited availability we will respond to inquiries in the order they are received. We highly recommend that you send the information requested for the application process in a timely manner.

Application Process
The first step is to complete the Health Information form. If it appears that you qualify, we will send you the Medical History form to complete.

When the applicant is determined to meet the criteria there will be a telephone interview and they will be tentatively admitted until the final step is completed.

The last step is to obtain blood work which consists of a CBC, a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, a Lipid Profile, and thyroid tests (TSH, T3, T4). The blood work should not be older than twelve weeks from the start of the session. If you cannot find a doctor to order these tests then you can contact Direct Labs at or call 800-908-0000 (US only), and they will facilitate this process without a doctor’s requisition. If you choose to use Direct Labs you will request the Comprehensive Wellness Profile, which costs approx. $100. Once your lab work is evaluated and accepted you will be notified and payment will be taken to confirm your room at the center.

Click here for more information and to begin the application process


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