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Gerson Institute Telephone Coaching Service
Have you been accepted to a Gerson Clinic?
Will you be working with a certified Gerson Practitioner?
Do you have questions about the practical aspects of getting started on the therapy?

Then sign up for our Telephone Coaching Service!*

Coaching sessions are conducted by telephone or by Skype, and available in English or Spanish.

Our coaches can:

  • Help you find the food and equipment that you need
  • Instruct you on cooking and juicing techniques
  • Provide information on doing coffee enemas
  • Discuss how to set up your home
  • Answer questions related to the Gerson Therapy
  • Give time-saving tips
  • And more!

Please note: Our coaches are not medical professionals and they do not provide case management guidance.

Costs & Details

First Session and Evaluation: $145 one-time fee (45 minutes)

Follow-up Sessions: $50 (30 minutes)

You can schedule as many or as few sessions as you need; there is no minimum or maximum required number of sessions.

The Telephone Coaching Service is available by phone or by Skype, by appointment only, and is available in English or in Spanish. Coaching sessions can be scheduled during the Gerson Institute’s office hours on weekdays from 9 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 5pm, US-Pacific Time.

*If you have an early stage cancer diagnosis (I or II) or non-cancer condition without complications, and feel confident in managing your own case, you may also apply for coaching services. However, should you develop complications or find you need more information and assistance beyond the expertise of the coach, you will be advised to consult with your local doctor or enlist the services of a Gerson practitioner.


How to Apply for the Telephone Coaching Service:

Email [email protected] for an application form
IMPORTANT: Please review the Contraindications and Cautions for the Gerson Therapy before submitting your application to determine if your condition might be treatable with the Gerson Therapy and therefore suitable for the Coaching Service.


“The Coaching Service has been especially beneficial to me, as I am carrying out the Therapy primarily by myself. My coaching sessions are my lifeline- literally. They have helped me nail down the techniques, organize my time, provide links and contact information for resources that I need, and most importantly, to know that many of the seemingly difficult and endless tasks CAN be done! I gained the confidence I needed to be successful, and now, 14 months later, it is going well and actually is EASY. I sure would recommend this wonderful service to all Gerson patients carrying out the Therapy at home! Thank you, coaching staff!”

– Cynthia I.


“In 2008, I had been diagnosed with lupus nephritis and my kidney function was steadily creeping lower. My coach knew exactly what pages of Healing the Gerson Way to refer me to in order to answer any questions I might have. She kept in touch more frequently in the first few months of my Therapy, which was when I had the most questions.”

— Christine H.


“A show of caring, loving, making the patient feel as if staff really cares and sees us as people, not just time quotas to fill their work day.”

— Karen S.


Additional Resource: Hire a Home Set-up Trainer

A Home Set-up Trainer can come to your home and help you implement the components of the Gerson Therapy correctly. Certified Home Set-up Trainers are fully trained by the Gerson Institute in every aspect of setting your home up to do the Gerson Therapy. A Trainer can instruct you in proper food preparation, teach you how to avoid common mistakes and organize your kitchen and equipment for maximum efficiency.

Please note: Home Set-up Trainers are independent contractors, not employees of the Gerson Institute

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