Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough… You Need Nutrition, Too!

Flux Fun Run

October 20, 2012. That’s the day I got a call that my uncle was unconscious in the hospital. He had suffered a heart attack while out jogging the day before. No one would have ever expected that would be the last run he would ever go on.

You see, my uncle was a modern-day athletic renaissance man. He did everything. He was a triathlete. He ran marathons. He raced road bikes. He mountain biked. He surfed, he skied, he hiked, he mountain climbed. On the outside, he was the picture of health. But on the inside, he wasn’t.

I wanted to do something that would help others recognize that, although exercise is a very healthy activity, it only gets you halfway to a healthy life.
My uncle was never one for healthy eating. He seemed to believe that all his exercise somehow made him immune to disease, especially something like heart disease. He never would have thought that he had 98% blockage in one of his main arteries.

That’s when I realized that exercise alone wasn’t enough. You need both exercise and nutrition. His death due to heart disease changed my attitude towards nutrition, and I wanted to do something that would help others recognize that, although exercise is a very healthy activity, it only gets you halfway to a healthy life.

At that point, my friend Paige and I wanted to learn more about nutrition and do something in my uncle’s memory. We wanted to raise awareness of proper nutrition while still celebrating my uncle’s passion for active, healthy exercise.

After my uncle passed away, Paige began watching health documentaries on Netflix. She watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, The Beautiful Truth, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, and many others. She was hooked. Proper nutrition begins with education.

That is when she first heard of the Gerson Therapy. She watched the documentaries about the Gerson Therapy and was taken aback by Max Gerson’s story. Paige shared with me all that she had discovered and suggested getting a juicer and starting a cleanse. We realized then that had my uncle had the right education about nutrition, he might still be with us today. We were determined to tell our family and friends about the Gerson story.

We also began to think about participating in an event in my uncle’s memory. But we really didn’t find an event that stressed both nutrition and exercise. So we dreamed of starting an event, which would have a variety of activities and raise awareness of proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition begins with education

That’s when the idea of the Flux Fun Run came into being. It would not only be a 5k run but it would also include a little bit of everything: color powder, mud, foam, obstacles, costumes and other activities.

We decided that to raise awareness about the importance of proper nutrition, the event would help raise money for an organization that stood for excellent nutrition.

Because we believe in what the Gerson Therapy represented, we decided that we would help raise funds for the Gerson Institute through the Flux Fun Run.
We believe that the Flux Fun Run represents the best of my uncle’s passion for doing many different healthy activities in a fun way. And by raising funds for the Gerson Institute, it also promotes the vital importance of proper nutrition in our lives.

You can support the Gerson Institute and enjoy the Flux Fun Run in Bakersfield, CA on May 24th!

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2 Responses to “Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough… You Need Nutrition, Too!”
  1. Valdoria says:

    sadly marathon running and these high intensity long exercise routines when repeated often can scar the heart and cause more harm than good. Kudos for the willpower and endurance to withstand such activities but breaking it down into smaller chunks would be much healthier.

  2. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Valdoria! The Flux Fun Run is a short 5k, not a marathon 🙂


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