Help Needed: Volunteer at Gerson Basics!

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We’re preparing for our thrice-yearly training program, the Gerson Basics Workshop. The Gerson Basics Workshop is a three-day seminar designed to educate current or prospective patients and their caregivers about the non-medical aspects of the Gerson Therapy. This year, we will also be live-streaming the class online, so that more people from across the country will be able to learn and participate. At the workshop in San Diego, we prepare fresh Gerson meals and juices for breakfast and lunch for all our participants, speakers and volunteers.

Gerson Basics is a lot of work, and we need lots of help to make it a smashing success. We’re cooking for nearly 100 people, and we sure can’t do it all alone! If you live in San Diego, we would greatly appreciate it if you could come help us out.

We need local volunteers to help us in the kitchen – washing, cutting and chopping vegetables, and especially with washing dishes in the afternoon.

San Diego locals only, please! We can not provide transportation or lodging for out-of town volunteers. If you want to help but don’t live nearby, click here to see a few ideas for supporting the Gerson Institute and spreading the word in your area.

Update: Thank you all for your interest! We have all the volunteers we need for this workshop, and all the shifts are full.

If you are interested in future volunteer opportunities with the Gerson Institute, please sign up for our email list, and keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.

Thursday, June 14

7 AM – 2 PM: Food prep
8 am – 12 PM: Experienced Norwalk juicer
8 AM – 1 PM: Dish washing
9 AM – 5 PM: Food prep
1 PM – 5 PM: Dish washing

Friday, June 15

7 AM – 2 PM: Food prep
8 AM – 1 PM: Dish washing
9 AM – 12 PM: Food prep
1 PM – 5 PM: Dish washing

Saturday, June 16

7 AM – 2 PM: Food prep and service
8 AM – 12 PM: Experienced Norwalk juicer
12 PM – 5 PM: Food prep
1 PM – 5 PM: Dish washing

If you can make any of these shifts, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Diane Ake at for more information.

Thank you!

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  • SharonHazel

    where is the information on becoming a home set-up trainer?

  • GersonInstitute

    Hi Sharon! The Home Set-up Trainer program is currently closed, and we are not accepting new applicants.

    However, we have a new program called Gerson Boot Camp, that closely resembles the old training program. You can learn about the Gerson Boot Camp program here:

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