Gerson Basics Classes: 3 Ways to Learn the Gerson Therapy

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Gerson Basics is a class that covers all the essential information that Gerson patients and their caregivers need before embarking on their healing journeys. This class is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the Gerson Therapy!

Now, in addition to offering Gerson Basics for people to attend in person here in San Diego, we make the class available online via Gerson Basics Online, which allows people from all over the world to tune in and watch the videos from the comfort of their own home, whenever is convenient for them.

What is Gerson Basics?

Our Gerson Basics class takes place in San Diego over 3 days. The lectures and topics covered include:

  • Overview of the Gerson Therapy
  • Coffee enema instructions
  • Overview of Gerson supplements and protocols
  • How to set up your home for the Gerson Therapy
  • Preparing clay and castor oil packs
  • Overview of dietary guidelines and food preparation
  • Juicing instruction and demonstrations
  • Coping with healing reactions
  • Dental guidelines
  • Recovered Gerson patient testimonial


Next Class: October 15-17, 2015

3 Ways to Take Gerson Basics

Enjoying a Gerson meal at the buffet

1. Gerson Basics San Diego

Come to San Diego to participate in the class in person. You’ll enjoy 100% Gerson Therapy-approved meals, so that you can have your first “taste” of life on the Gerson Therapy. Meet like-minded people passionate about holistic nutrition and natural healing. Have Q&As with the Gerson Institute’s experts and staff.

Educational materials:


  • Full Gerson buffets (breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday)
  • Snacks
  • Hands-on juicing demonstration
  • Q&As with lecturers
  • Gerson tote bag
  • Online access to all workshop videos for 4 months.
  • Mp3 audio downloads of all lectures

Cost: $500



2. Gerson Basics Online

Watch all the videos from the last Gerson Basics class (approximately 18 hours viewing time) any time you want, and as many times as you want, for a minimum of 4 months.

You can choose to receive all the materials digitally, or to have the books and binder shipped to you in hard copy. The Gerson Basics Manual is frequently used and referenced during the class, so we do strongly encourage participants to get the binder in hard copy to make it easier to follow along, take notes and reference later.

Educational Materials (electronic only):

  • Gerson Therapy Handbook (ebook only)
  • Gerson Basics Manual (PDF only)
  • Additional PDF handouts


  • Mp3 audio downloads of all lectures
  • Access to all videos for a minimum of 4 months

Cost: $75




3. Gerson Basics Refresher Course

Once you’ve taken any of our Gerson Basics classes, either in person or online, you will be eligible for the Gerson Basics Refresher Course. After taking any version of the Gerson Basics class, you can sign up to have access to the videos from the most recent class via Gerson Basics Online at a very reduced price ($25 per session, 3 sessions per year). When your Refresher session expires, you can simply re-subscribe for the next session, to have continued access to the class, and have the most updated information and educational materials.

We recommend using the Gerson Basics Manual binder from your previous class to follow along with the lecture. An updated electronic PDF version will also be provided.

Educational Materials (electronic only):

  • Gerson Therapy Handbook (.mobi ebook only)
  • Gerson Basics Manual (PDF only)
  • Additional PDF handouts and slideshows


  • Online access to all workshop videos (approximately 18 hours viewing time)
  • Mp3 audio downloads of all lectures
  • Access to all videos through June 29th, 2013

Cost: $25

Only people who have previously taken a Gerson Basics class are eligible for the Refresher Course. If you have previously taken a Gerson Basics class and are interested in the Refresher, email Mallory Crowley for registration information at

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