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For years, we have offered our Gerson Basics Workshop here in San Diego. Now, we are bringing the workshop to your home! You can tune in to our Gerson Basics Workshop from the comfort of your home computer, as we stream the full class live online.

Basic Information

Dates and Times:

  • Thursday, June 12: 1:30 pm – 5 pm PST
  • Friday, June 13: 8:30 am- 5 pm PST
  • Saturday, June 14: 8:30 am – 5 pm PST
  • *All listed times are Pacific Standard Time (PST). Times are approximate and subject to change – we will send you a complete and updated schedule before the workshop. If you live in a different time zone, please adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Cost: $175 for US Residents, $225 International, $99 Digital (e-books and downloads only)
    Where: Online! We will send you the access link about 1 week before the class begins.

    The Gerson Basics Live Stream covers:
    • History of the Gerson Therapy
    • Overview of the Gerson Therapy
    • Coffee enema instructions
    • Overview of Gerson supplements and protocols
    • How to set up your home for the Gerson Therapy
    • Preparing clay and castor oil packs
    • Overview of dietary guidelines and food preparation
    • Juicing instruction and demonstrations
    • Coping with healing reactions
    • Dental guidelines
    • Recovered Gerson patient testimonial

    Preview Videos

    Registration fee includes:

    • The full, live broadcast of the Gerson Basics Workshop (approximately 18 hours viewing time)
    • All educational materials for the class, plus shipping (a $50 fee is added to international registrations to cover the high cost of international shipping):
    • The Gerson Basics Workshop binder (plus bonus electronic PDF version)
    • Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson
    • The Gerson Therapy Handbook as an eBook (available in .mobi, .epub and .pdf format)
    • Additional supplemental handouts and resources
    • Live chat room with members of the Gerson Institute’s staff during the live broadcast
    • Full access to all videos from the workshop for four months after the class

    Important Notes

    • The Gerson Basics Web Stream does not count toward the Home Set-up Trainer certification program. We are not currently accepting new applicants. However, if you are interested in furthering you knowledge with hands-on experience, this class is the prerequisite for our Gerson Basics Boot Camp.
    • Viewing the Gerson Basics Web Stream does not provide any kind of certification.
    • The workshop is solely focused on the Gerson Therapy, which is a treatment for chronic degenerative diseases. Information on general/preventive health will not be extensively covered.
    • This is an online class. To attend the Gerson Basics Workshop in San Diego, click here
    • We do not offer discounts or substitutions to those who already own Healing The Gerson Way or the Gerson Therapy Handbook

    Gerson Basics Live Stream

    Please read all of the following information carefully before registering for the Gerson Basics Live Stream:

    Technical Requirements for Viewing LiveStream Videos:

    We use the service LiveStream to broadcast our workshop. To participate, you will need:

    A high-speed internet connection. Your internet connection must have a download speed of at least 1.5 mbps. Go to to check your connection speed. Using a wired (not WiFi) internet connection is strongly recommended.

    Adobe Flash Player is required to view LiveStream videos. Click here to download.

    • We recommend testing out Live Stream to see if your computer and internet connection are able to view the videos. Try watching any of the live broadcasts here on LiveStream.

    Any online class requires a degree of computer literacy from the participant. You must be comfortable with using email, navigating online, watching online videos, and downloading documents and other media. If you are not very computer-savvy, this class may not be the best option for you.


    This is a live, online event. While we have done as much as possible to prevent any stopping or pauses in the live broadcast, a few brief interruptions may be unavoidable due to the poor-quality internet connection at the event location.

    If any such interruptions do occur, please be patient with us! We will get back up online as soon as possible (approximately 15 seconds – 5 minutes). Our chat room moderators will do their best to transcribe any portion of the lecture you may have missed, and the replay videos (see below) will show the complete workshop, including any portions that were missing from the live broadcast.

    Cancellation Policy: Cancellations and refunds will be issued (minus a fee to cover administrative costs) until February 13th. After February 13, all registrations are final.

    Archive Videos Will Be Available Through November 9th, 2014

    While we realize that many people will be unable to view the entirety of the class live, we expect people to tune in for as much of the live broadcast as possible, as it is intended to be a live and interactive experience.

    On March 10th, we will post the full videos from the workshop, which will be available to watch until June 29th, 2014. This way, participants can catch up on any parts they may have missed.

    It is the participant’s responsibility to view all the videos before they expire.

    Live Chat Room

    A live chat room throughout the duration of the workshop, moderated by Gerson employees who will be able to answer some basic, non-medicalquestions. A few questions from the chat room may be submitted to the experts and lecturers during the classroom Q&A.

    Our staff cannot give medical advice or address questions pertaining to an individual’s personal medical concerns. An online chat room is not the proper place to seek medical advice – that is the job of a qualified medical professional who has knowledge of your medical history and your current health status.

    Please read the chat room guidelines (below):

    Chat Room Guidelines (click to open/close)

    • Above all, be respectful! No rudeness, no personal attacks, no insulting the presenters or moderators. Be respectful of the speakers, our staff, the chat room moderators, and your fellow live stream participants.
    • Use your real name in the chat room.No “screen names” or pseudonyms.
    • Stay on-topic. During the lectures, please refrain from “chatting” and personal conversations. Only discuss the topic at hand during the lectures, as often your questions on other topics will be covered later in the class.
    • Save the “chit-chat” for the breaks.
    • Refrain from sharing private medical information. Our staff cannot address questions regarding specific individual medical concerns or diagnoses.

    Failure to adhere to chat room guidelines may result in banning. The chat room moderators have the ability to ban participants who do not follow these guidelines at their discretion.

    Our Moderators

    One or more members of the Gerson Institute’s Education Department will be moderating this live chat room throughout the duration of the workshop.
    Our staff members will be able to:

    • Answer general questions about the Gerson Therapy and provide clarification on some points in the lecture
    • Direct you to helpful articles, resources and references in the educational materials provided.
    • Help you find vendors that can provide supplements and supplies for the Gerson Therapy
    • Submit selected questions to the classroom speakers when appropriate.

    Please note: our staff members are not doctors or medical professionals, and the Gerson Therapy is the Institute’s sole area of professional expertise.

    We cannot give medical advice. Period. An online chat room is not the proper place to seek medical advice – that is the job of a qualified medical professional who has knowledge of your medical history and your current health status.

    Our staff will not answer:

    • Questions about other therapies or treatment modalities – conventional or alternative.
    • Questions unrelated to the Gerson Therapy
    • Questions pertaining to a specific medical condition or personal health situation. Nor can they advise therapy modifications to individual health concerns or medical issues


    The deadline to register to receive materials in hard copy has passed. Currently only the Digital option is available (all materials–i.e., e-books and mp3s– to be downloaded digitally. No hard copy books will be sent).


    Registration Form



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