Gerson Supplies – Clay & Castor Oil

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Gerson Institute Store

1 LB Calcium Montmorillonite Clay California, USA
Toll-Free US & Canada: 1-888-443-7766
International: 1-858-694-0707
The Gerson Institute Store supplies 1 LB containers of calcium montmorillonite clay intended for internal and external uses


2LB Terramin Clay California, USA
Tel: 1-619-428-4574

STAT MX supplies 2 LB bags of calcium montmorillonite clay, as well as wool flannel for clay pack applications.

Castor Oil

Heritage Store

Organic Castor Oil California, USA
Tel: 1-800-862-2923

Heritage Store offers organic, cold pressed castor oil which can be used for castor oil packs and castor oil enemas.

Home Health

Home Health Castor Oil
Home Health castor oil can be found in most health food stores, and can be used for castor oil packs and castor oil enemas.

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