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Healing News is the Gerson Institute’s quarterly newsletter (4 issues per year)

Since 1984, the Healing News has been the link between the Gerson Institute and its patients and supporters.

In July 2014, we expanded the newsletter to 20 pages per issue, with a totally new layout and design.

Each issue includes news from the Gerson Institute, an updated event calendar, reports on alternative and allopathic trends, recovered patient testimonials and articles written by Gerson experts.
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How to Receive the Healing News:

The Healing News is available to all Gerson patients and donors. To receive the Healing News, you can either:

1. Make a donation of any size to the Gerson Institute!

2. If you are a patient currently on the Gerson Therapy and would like to receive the Healing News, email our Marketing Department at [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.



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