Juicer Loaner Program


The Juicer Loaner Program is designed for people who want to do the Gerson Therapy but, due to financial hardship, need time to save up or gather the resources to buy their own juicer. The Gerson Institute can loan a Norwalk or Champion juicer to eligible Gerson patients who live in the United States for up to six months. During this six month loaner period, the patient is expected to obtain their own juicer, so they can continue on the Gerson Therapy and return the loaner juicer to the Gerson Institute.

We know that, for many patients, the costs of compiling all the supplies and supplements they need for the therapy can be costly in the beginning, and getting a juicer is often the biggest strain. This is why we have developed the Juicer Loaner Program: to help make the Gerson Therapy more affordable to Gerson patients in need by alleviating the burden of the up-front costs of the therapy.

The Juicer Loaner Program is recommended for patients who have been to a licensed Gerson clinic or are working with a certified Gerson practitioner.

If you would like to apply for the Juicer Loaner Program, please email Anna Maria Aliano at [email protected]. We have a limited number of juicers, so there is usually a wait list.


Juicer Donations

We would love to be able to expand this program to serve more Gerson patients with financial needs, but we need more juicers in order to do so. If you have a juicer that you would like to donate, please email Anna Maria at [email protected].

Don’t have a juicer but want to support this program anyways? We need your help to cover the high cost of shipping the juicers (shipping a Norwalk juicer costs about $250 each way, a total of $500 per loanee) as well as the costs of repairs and maintenance on the machines between loans. Financial contributions also will help us buy and restore more juicers for the program. Make a donation to the Gerson Institute to help us expand our Juicer Loaner Program.


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