Meet the Home Set-up Trainers

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Meet a few of our certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainers.

Home Set-up Trainers go to a patient’s home to assist and train them in the non-medical aspects of the Gerson Therapy, and help prepare their home environment in the most efficient manner for starting the Gerson Therapy.


Tammy Coburn – Thousand Oaks, CA

TammyCMy name is Tammy Coburn. I am 49 year old. I grew up on a raw milk goat dairy in Salt Lake City, Utah. We raised our own beef and grew our own vegetables. Health and well-being has always been very important to me. As an adult I worked in the TV industry as an on-air meteorologist. I worked in many cities across the country. Each time we moved to a new city I would have to find new places to buy my healthy food. It was always an adventure.

I am married and have two children. I am a volunteer with the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and my children’s schools. I am also a certified lymphatic therapist. So many people today are sick, tired and pain ridden. I feel very strongly about the Gerson program and the benefits it offers.

I love being a Home Set-up Trainer because it gives me the opportunity to share this vital information so that more people may regain their health, energy and love for life.

Perry Ching – China

PerryCI have been a certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainer since 2009. I assisted my wife in the United States to recover from thyroid cancer, which is now no longer cancerous, although a small growth remains.

Due to the lack of true organic farms in China, the Gerson Therapy is difficult to implement and is limited in development. But several good resources are pulling together currently to slowly move forward to form a practical solution for the Gerson Therapy in mainland China.

Carol Buma – St. George, Utah

CarolBumaI am an I-ACT board-certified colon hydrotherapist. I became interested in the Gerson Therapy when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. Because I was living in San Diego at the time and working with a holistic medical doctor, I invested time and money to take advantage of the wonderful training offered by the Gerson Institute, including the Gerson Basics class and getting all the Gerson books and DVDs.

Prior to becoming a Gerson certified Home Set-up Trainer, I had the privilege of staying a week at the Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center, experiencing first-hand the life-giving results of being on the therapy. I have since participated in the Gerson cooking classes held at the Restoration Center, and I enjoy juicing and preparing nutritious Gerson recipes. By diligently studying the books and DVDs, I have been able to introduce my family and friends to the Gerson Therapy.

I love to play golf and also volunteer at a local assisted living facility

Angie Workman – Katy, Texas

AngieWorkmanI have dedicated my life to helping others and I am passionate about health. Several years ago, I discovered a way that I could combine my desire to help others with my passion for health: the Gerson Therapy.

My interest in the Gerson Therapy was further intensified because I have had family members who have battled cancer. I have studied the Gerson Therapy extensively and I am a certified Home Set-up Trainer. I am eager to help those who need it and who seek to take charge of their healing by implementing the Gerson Therapy.

Connie Spancake – Palm Coast, FL

ConniI am a melanoma cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with superficial spreading melanoma in 1996, and after two recurrences following allopathic treatments, I decided to do the Gerson Therapy. In August of 2000 my husband and I journeyed to the Gerson clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

After a week in Mexico, we returned home to our home in Plymouth, New Hampshire to begin the at-home phase of the therapy. I started with 13 daily juices, five enemas, and three Gerson meals a day. It was time-consuming, and we did not travel anywhere for the first six months. I remained diligently faithful to the routine for the two years, and had routine follow-up blood work and visited with my dermatologist. After five years, and with no indication of cancer, I was declared “cured”! I give the praise and glory first to God, and then to Dr. Max Gerson for his pioneering efforts in defeating disease.

My husband and I continue with a modified Gerson Therapy. We recently moved from New Hampshire to Florida and are enjoying our children, 12 grandchildren and a cancer-free life. We remain active in our church and are involved in the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship and other ministry activities.

I have served as Board Secretary for the Gerson Institute since 2006. I have been a Home Set-Up Trainer since 2003 and have helped many people to set up their homes to do the Gerson Therapy in their home. I am available to serve your needs.

Cheryl Napier – Washington State


In early 2011, after discovering first-hand the effects of the Gerson Therapy on myself, I decided this was something that I had to share with the world, to “pay it forward” if you will. I studied hard and did the work, and by late 2011 I became a certified Home Set-up Trainer.

I have had the opportunity to work with clients that had cancer and non-cancerous conditions. I have had the pleasure of continuing relationships with some of my clients who had miraculous recoveries on the Gerson Therapy–from both early and late-stage cancers. This is why I became an Home Set-up Trainer.

I am fortunate to live in the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington State, where I have the space and lifestyle to maintain our own organic garden. I am close enough to a couple of international airports that help make travel quite easy for this job, and I love to travel.

Jane Thompson – Austin, Texas

While recovering from a life-threatening kidney illness, I learned first-hand the benefits of nutrition, juicing and detoxification.

I’m thrilled to be a Home Set-up Trainer so I can help spread the word about the benefits of Gerson Therapy and to have the opportunity to train patients and their caregivers.

Each Gerson person I’ve met and worked with is a true inspiration!

Brenda Soong – Hong Kong

BrendaSoongThe Gerson Therapy teaches me that health is in our own hands when we know how to live and eat wisely. The adjustment to the new way of living may require a strong will and great discipline, but the return is huge: an enjoyable, healthy and active life with your family and loved ones.

Spreading the word of the Gerson Therapy brings me immense joy. Helping people to carry out the Therapy properly is my duty. Seeing people regain health is my greatest reward.

Mary Ann Amschler – Grand Island, New York

MaryAnnI have been a Gerson Home Set-up Trainer (HST) since November 2011. I am also a mother of three and grandmother of four.

I have found that being a Gerson HST is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, since my background is in caring for patients as a registered nurse. Being an HST is much more fulfilling than working in traditional allopathic healing modalities. I am delighted when I see clients who are starting the Gerson Therapy learn about how they have the ability to heal their own bodies with the help of an HST and the Gerson Coaching Program, or going to a licensed Gerson clinic.

I currently have my own business offering colon hydrotherapy, nutritional support, Reiki and quantum touch. Recently I have assisted my clients in starting a support group for those going through the stresses of chronic disease. This group is open to all those who choose to heal no matter which healing modality they prefer. Currently everyone involved is interested in natural healing methods. They feel they are the forerunners of a paradigm shift in health care.

Sheryl McDaniel – San Diego, California

I’ve had the pleasure of helping so many clients, including family, friends and people that I just meet.

This Therapy has, of course, changed my way of eating and detoxing so that I know my health is at its best.

I can be an example to people I come in contact with to prove that there is a better way to live.

Jane Hansen – Oceanside, California

JaneT2I have been very blessed to have been chosen to work with the great Gerson organization as a Home Set-up Trainer. Being originally from Scandinavia, I am happy that many of the recipes are similar to what I ate as a child. I grew up on potatoes, all the other vegetables, and of course apples. Rye bread is one of my favorite breads.

I eat a modified Gerson diet and do one “upside-down coffee break” every day. I love the fresh juice I make on my Norwalk juicer and my salt-free organic vegetarian diet.

People often ask me if I would change my Gerson ways and the answer is absolutely “No, never.” My continued health and well-being is of the highest priority to me. I look forward to be of service to you.

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