Local Volunteers Needed for Module I!

We are getting ready for our yearly practitioner training program called Module I, to be held May 13 – 17. Over 20 doctors will be coming from around the world to learn about the Gerson Therapy! Module I is the first step toward becoming a licensed Gerson Practitioner.

During the week of Module I, we provide the doctors Gerson meals and juices for breakfast and lunch, so that they can sample the Gerson diet for themselves. On Wednesday, they take all 13 juices that a Gerson cancer patient on the full therapy would.

There is a lot of food preparation that needs to be done during Module I, and we can’t do it all alone! If you live in San Diego, we would greatly appreciate it if you could come help us out!

We need local volunteers to help us in the kitchen – washing, cutting and chopping vegetables, and washing dishes.

San Diego locals only, please! We can not provide transportation or lodging for out-of town volunteers. If you want to help but don’t live nearby, click here to see a few ideas for supporting the Gerson Institute and spreading the word in your area.

Below are the days and times we need volunteers. All volunteer work takes place at our office at 3844 Adams Avenue (unless otherwise noted). Module I is held at the Holiday Inn Express at 1430 7th Avenue in downtown San Diego.

Update: All the volunteer positions have been filled for this workshop; thank you for your support! We do have more volunteer opportunities coming up next month, so keep an eye on our website if you’d like to come help out

Sunday, May 13th

11AM – 5PM: Need 2 volunteers for kitchen work

Monday, May 14th

11AM – 5PM: Need 2 volunteers for kitchen work

Tuesday, May 15th

11AM – 5PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work

Wednesday, May 16th

7AM – 1PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work
9:30AM – 5PM: Need 1 volunteer for dish washing (at the Holiday Inn downtown)
8AM – 4PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work
11AM – 5PM: Need 2 volunteers for kitchen work

Thursday, May 17th

7AM – 1PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work
8AM – 4PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work
11 AM – 5 PM: Need 1 volunteer for kitchen work

Want to volunteer, but just can’t make it this time? Don’t worry, there are more volunteer opportunities coming up soon. Gerson Basics Workshop is right around the corner!


2 Responses to “Local Volunteers Needed for Module I!”
  1. Alex Johnson says:

    dear Friends, i have an Eco Magazine, , i want to do an interview with Charlotte , our magazine has 7 million readers in English all over the world and it will come out in Portuguese in the next edition .
    http://www.blueplanetmagazine.us i am a German  Certified Nutritionist and i worked as a Nutritionist for 10 years in brazil.
    i can not sleep after i watched Gerson Miracle, and reading all about his work, we have to get the word out.

    There is any work shop her in Orlando Florida or in the area ??
    in last case i will go to San Diego , i will be part of his life work.

    God bless you all and hie eternal work for the human society

    Alex Johnson
    [email protected] .

  2. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Alex! Thank you for your passion and inspiration to spread the word! Contact Silvana Procopio, our Director of Education, about the possibility of arranging an interview with Charlotte.  Her email address is [email protected]

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