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OK Kiddo’s
I updated your Editor, so you could have more flexibility with your post and pages.
The wordpress is looking good…
Sizing is good for most all computers and browsers…
Remember, search engines don’t read java menus and it’s important to have links to your most important pages that are visible and easy access to the user. Always think of the user and what they see when they first enter the screen… Quick links menu is always the best bet, your theme’s 3 hot spots in the middle is good but the user should be able to browse the sight without perusing the java menu.. Good to have not good for visibility with search engines.
If you need help with the header.. Let me know or get someone with good pic editing tools to give you a more professional look.
Try and be sparing on the Plugins, WordPress has a very light foot print in MySql but some of the plugins can adversely effect your performance, which can be fixed with a good caching plugin… Note that some plugins if you install them will create tables in you database and will not clean them, so experiment and when you have the sight, ready, export your data from WordPress, uninstall, reinstall add all the plugins that are active and import your exported data.
I will check and see if ecommerce can be incorporated with your selected theme and if we have capabilities to transfer current data from current Store… it would be great to have all in one environment with the same theme
The PHP pages I created for donations and memberships will have to be changed to incorporate your new theme, but I’ll help out on that one…
Once again looking good and the good part is WordPress is very easy to manipulate and you don’t need frontpage extensions or any other web developing tool.

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