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ModI 2013

The purpose of our Gerson Therapy Practitioner Training program is to train qualified medical professionals who want to use the Gerson Therapy to guide and medically manage patients. We train you to use the Gerson Therapy as a stand-alone therapy, not as a tool to add to other therapeutic modalities. We expect certified Gerson practitioners to keep the therapy pure in its application and to strictly follow the therapy guidelines in order to obtain successful results. If you are considering picking and choosing aspects of the Gerson therapy to add to your existing practice then this training is not for you.

Training Program

The training consists of two modules:

Module I – Five days of classroom instruction in the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy, held in San Diego, California.

Module II – A two-year minimum practice phase of medically managing Gerson patients in an out-patient setting at your own office, while working under remote supervision of the Gerson Institute.

We expect you to enroll in Module II within three months of completing Module I in order to completer your training. Once you successfully complete Module I and II and become a certified Gerson Practitioner you will be added to our referral list and Gerson website.

Note: Gerson practitioners must expend a great amount of time, energy, and expertise to follow people on the Gerson therapy, assisting them for two or more years. In addition to knowing the underlying philosophy, physiology and medical management skills, a Gerson Practitioner needs to have the ability to provide counseling in food and juice preparation, enema technique, setting up a non-toxic home, dealing with healing reactions and more.

Who is eligible?

You must hold one of the following credentials:
– Medical Doctor (MD)
– Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
– Naturopathic Doctor (*ND)
– Nurse Practitioner (*NP)
– Physician Assistant (PA)
– Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
– Licensed Acupuncturist/ Oriental Medicine Doctor (*Li.Ac./OMD)

Your license must be current in the country you reside and your standard of practice guidelines must allow you to treat people using nutrition on an out-patient basis. You need to have the appropriate medical and clinical background in order to do proper medical case management. Many Gerson patients are very ill and have a variety of metabolic abnormalities that require astute medical diagnostic and management skills, which includes interpreting blood work.

*Note for Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) – You must have a degree from an accredited school. We do not accept on-line courses.

*Note for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) – You must be an advanced practice registered nurse (CAPRN) who has completed additional training beyond that of a registered nurse and practicing autonomously.

*Note for Li.Ac./OMDs – Acupuncturists need a four year degree, including training in Western medicine and clinical skills with lab interpretations.

Not eligible?

You can learn more about the practical aspects of Gerson Therapy by taking our Gerson Basics class. Please click on this link for more information.

Accredited Naturopathic Schools in US and Canada


  • Bastyr University – Kenmore, WA
  • National College of Natural Medicine – Portland, OR
  • National University of Health Sciences – Lombard, IL
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine – Tempe, AZ
  • University of Bridgeport – College of Naturopathic Medicine – Bridgeport, CT


    • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine – Toronto, ON
    • Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine – New Westminster, BC

If you do not see your school listed please send the name of the school and a sample of the program curriculum to Amanda Onken at


Before taking Module I we require that you read the following material to ensure that you have a good understanding of the Gerson Therapy and are in alignment with its principles:

– Dr. Gerson’s book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases
– Charlotte Gerson’s book, Healing the Gerson Way.
– The Role of a Gerson Practitioner The Role of a Gerson Practitioner (PDF)

Description of Module I:

    • Five days with approximately 35 hours of instruction over one week taught by a team of Gerson Therapy professionals, including Gerson Institute staff, doctors from a certified Gerson clinic, and certified Gerson practitioners. Lectures include the biological and physiological basis of the therapy, patient assessment, designing individual therapy protocols and ongoing case management skills.
    • Demonstrations and hands-on experience with food preparation, juicing, coffee enemas and the application of adjunctive therapies.
    • Gerson therapy meals, with breakfast, lunch, snacks and fresh juices served daily.
    • A complete set of Gerson Therapy instructional materials.
    • An optional trip to the certified Gerson clinic in Mexico.
    • Module I is the pre-requisite to registering for Module II. Module II will allow you to immediately utilize your newly acquired knowledge and skills, under supervision, with a limited number of patients.

Description of Module II:

        • Management of a required number of cases within your own practice in an out-patient setting over a minimum of 18-24 months with remote supervision by the Gerson Institute. The main emphasis being on clinical data collection, developing individual protocols and on-going case management skills.
        • You will receive supervision and guidance by the Director of Medical Education. Initial case history, assessment and protocol design will be submitted for review. You will continue to have follow-up consultations with your supervisor to learn long-term case management.

You must complete Module II before you can become a certified Gerson Practitioner who will be listed on our website.  You can consider a residential type facility only after becoming a certified.


The next Module I Practitioner Training will be held in May 2015, dates TBD.

Module I -

$2300 – This fee includes the Gerson Therapy classes, training materials, and a Gerson breakfast and lunch each day.
$100 – This fee is for the optional tour of the certified clinic in Mexico offered on the sixth day.

– This fee does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

Module II -

$1500 Paid in installments

How to Apply

If you are interested in being considered for this training, please fill out the Screening Application below:

Click here to download:












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