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Juicing Demo - Gerson Basics Workshop

The Gerson Institute’s programs include several training programs and support services designed to educate medical professionals, patients and their caregivers in the Gerson Therapy.


Gerson Basics Classes

Our Gerson Basics class educates participants about the essential, practical aspects of the Gerson Therapy. This class is recommended for current or prospective Gerson patients, their caregivers or loved ones who plan to assist them with the Therapy at home. We currently offer this class online, which you can watch from the comfort of your own home.



Gerson Practitioner Training Program

We train medical professionals to be licensed as Gerson Practitioners. The training consists of two phases: Module I, a five-day seminar held in San Diego, and Module II, in which the doctor-in-training takes on three Gerson patients in their own practice, under the supervision of an experienced Gerson doctor. To be licensed as a Gerson Practitioner, you must complete both modules.


Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center

This six-day retreat offers healthy individuals* the opportunity to experience the Gerson Therapy to detoxify and enhance their overall health. The Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center is located in a beautiful home in Encinitas, CA with an ocean view, and provides the perfect environment for restoration and relaxation.

* As this center is not a clinic, we cannot take guests with chronic illnesses, and a screening process is required.



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