Video: The 4 Components of the Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy is an extremely complex and comprehensive treatment, and taking it all in at once can be a little overwhelming! When we teach classes about the Gerson Therapy, we break it down into these bite-sized pieces to make it easier to learn and remember everything. If you break it down to the very basics, there are 4 primary components of the Gerson Therapy: the diet, juicing, detoxification and supplementation.

Many chronic degenerative diseases have two underlying causes: toxicity and nutritional deficiency. Eliminating these underlying problems returns the body’s immune system to proper functionality, allowing the body to heal itself. As you will see, each of the following 4 components of the therapy works towards correcting these problems.

In this video, a compilation from our Gerson Basics Online class, experts from the Gerson Institute give an introductory overview of each of these 4 components of the Gerson Therapy and how they work:

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#1: The Diet

In the above video, Carol calls the dietary regimen “the primary prescription for healing.” The Gerson diet is largely plant-based, and patients are encouraged to eat a variety of organic vegetables, both raw and cooked. The diet is low in fat, and restricts foods that are too high in protein, as a patient gets a sufficient amount from the plant-based sources. Between the food and the juices, a Gerson patient consumes up to 20 pounds of organic produce per day!

#2: The Juices

A patient on the full Gerson Therapy for cancer will drink up to 13 juices per day, a juice every hour. Juicing floods the body with easily-digestible and easily-assimilated nutrients. As the bulk and pulp of the produce is removed by the juicing process, this allows the body to take in a far higher concentration of raw nutrients and enzymes than would be possible if one was to attempt to digest all of those vegetables whole.

#3: Detoxification

While the first two aspects help correct the issue of nutritional deficiency, coffee enemas tackle toxicity. In most people with cancer and other degenerative diseases, the liver is impaired. Coffee enemas aid the liver, boosting its ability to remove toxins from the bloodstream. During one 15-minute coffee enema, the entire body’s blood supply filters through the liver 5 times. This allows the body to expel harmful toxins and substances more rapidly.

#4: Supplementation

The Gerson Therapy also includes a number of supplements, such as niacin, vitamin B-12, digestive enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, potassium compound salts, Lugol’s solution and more. Dr. Max Gerson experimented for years to determine which supplements worked best to enhance the therapy. Some supplements, like the B-12 and niacin, provide additional nutrients otherwise lacking from the diet. Others, like the Lugol’s solution and thyroid medication, boost the thyroid gland to enhance the body’s metabolic processes.

Each supplement is specifically included (unless contraindicated for specific medical complications or diagnoses) and is an essential and integral part of the Gerson Therapy. Since Dr. Gerson’s time, a few other supplements—e.g., milk thistle, COQ10 and selenium–have been found to be compatible with the Gerson Therapy, and can be added to the therapy as needed.approved as optional adjuncts.

Bonus! #5: Rest

There is an extra 5th component of healing on the Gerson Therapy. It’s one that doesn’t require one to do anything: rest! Healing requires a great amount of energy, so as much as possible, a Gerson patient needs to make rest and relaxation a priority. An exhausted, depleted body will lack the energy and resources to allow for true healing. In fact, Dr. Max Gerson used to prescribe bed rest for some of his patients for up to 3 months after a strong healing reaction!


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