2017 Favorite Moments

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already coming to a close. As we reflect on the past year, we can’t help but recount our favorite moments from the past year.


1. Charlotte’s 95th Birthday | March 2017

The Gerson community was blessed to celebrate Charlotte’s 95th birthday this year! The Gerson Institute celebrated with a Skype call to sing Charlotte “Happy Birthday”. She was delighted to with the call and told us how grateful she was to spend her birthday reading all of the warm well-wishes that came pouring in.

Check out the Blog Tribute and Happy Birthday Video!

2. Blanca’s Retirement | April 2017

The Gerson Institute paid tribute to Blanca Ayala and her 20 years of service to the Gerson community when she retired in April. Not only was Blanca successful in using the Gerson Therapy herself, but she was instrumental in driving the Gerson Institute’s mission to provide education and training in the Gerson Therapy.

Learn about Blanca’s experience

3. Welcome Jessica! | May 2017

In May, the Gerson Institute excitedly welcomed Jessica Luna to our Gerson family. Jessica came to us with five years of experience focused on education in non-profits and with a background in the culinary field.

Learn more about Jessica

4. 40-Year Retrospective Melanoma Study Launched | May 2017

Following the 5-Year Retrospective Melanoma Study published in 1995, the Gerson Institute teamed up with the Gerson Research Organization for an extensive 40-Year Retrospective Study on the use of the Gerson Therapy for Melanoma. Thousands were contacted and the study is underway!

Learn more about this important study

5. Annual Module I | April – May 2017

From April 29th to May 5th, the Gerson Institute hosted its annual week-long Module I training course for our Gerson Practitioner Training Program. This week-long intensive course is the first step in earning the distinction as a Certified Gerson Practitioner. Seventeen medical professionals from around the world – including Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia and Canada – spent the entire week immersed in Dr. Gerson’s genius work.

This year, we were joined by three surviving Gerson patients: Adrianna, Nima and Todd. We were also joined by Marissa, who contacted us five years ago about this training program and went on to earn her ND in order to qualify. She’s on her way to becoming certified!

Read about this event

6. Gerson Kitchen Video Series Launched | September 2017

After hours upon hours of planning, preparation, intense film shoots, post-production and editing, the Gerson Institute launched its first ever online video series for cooking and juicing on the Gerson Therapy. Through seven online videos, Chef Eric takes us step-by-step through core kitchen principles for a Gerson kitchen.The video series was bundled with the Gerson Cookbook e-book and has been incredibly well-received!

We are proud to offer this modern educational resource nearly 30 years since Charlotte filmed an instructional cooking video in her home.

Learn More and Start Today

7. Gerson Person Highlight: Dr. Melania Nagy | September 2017

Since breast cancer is the top diagnosis we are contacted about, it was fitting to highlight the incredible story of Dr. Melania Nagy for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

At just 30 years old, Dr. Nagy was diagnosed with breast cancer and made the decision to embark on the Gerson Therapy following on year of conventional treatments. After her successful recovery, she earned her GPC and ND, successfully completed the Gerson Practitioner Training program, and co-founded the Gerson Health Centre, Europe’s first and only licensed Gerson facility.

With 20 years of Gerson Therapy experience, Dr. Nagy serves on the Gerson Academic Board and as a Clinical Instructor in the Practitioner Training Program.

Read about Dr. Nagy’s incredible story

8. Special Inside Look: Gerson Health Centre | September 2017

Speaking of the Gerson Health Centre, this year we sent a Gerson Institute staffer to visit the health centre for a special inside look. From the beautiful drive through the Hungarian countryside to get to the centre, to the magical forest with breath-taking views of the Danube River just steps from the front door to the incredible staff, we wanted all of you to get a real, first-hand feel and essence for this special place of healing.

Join us for a special inside look

9. Special Guests

We had great times with the incredible people who came to visit us this year! Here are some of our special visitors:


James Colquhoun from Food Matters

Surviving Gerson patient, Adriana.

Surviving Gerson patient, Nima.

Tara Mackey with The Organic Life

Dr. C & Surviving Gerson patient, Todd

Surviving Gerson family, the Herdells

Surviving Gerson patient, Amy Johnson

Kyoko Abe, Gerson Ambassador to Japan

Surviving Gerson patient, James C.

10. Serving You

By far, our favorite memories this past year came from all of you. We are humbled to serve you, our dedicated and passionate worldwide community who believes in the power of food as medicine and who come together in support of the common goal for totality in healing.

Thank you for supporting us; thank you for being honest and letting us know how we can better serve you; thank you for encouraging each other; and thank you for being with us.


From the entire staff and Board of Directors at the Gerson Institute, raising our glass of carrot juice to a Happy New Year!


Written and Posted by: Nicole Ferrer-Clement



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