3 Facts You Should Know about Health Institute de Tijuana

1. It is the only licensed Gerson clinic in Mexico

While there are other clinics which may use the Gerson Therapy in part in Mexico, the Health Institute de Tijuana clinic is the only facility we license to practice the Gerson Therapy in Mexico.

What does this mean?

It means that we ensure the Gerson Therapy is implemented appropriately, produce is organic, the practitioners are properly trained to practice the therapy, and patients can rest assured they will be receiving properly managed treatment. We have a working relationship with this clinic and work together to improve the experience for patients which also sets this clinic apart. The feedback you share with us gets shared and discussed for future patients, but other facilities are self-governed and we do not monitor the experiences patients have at these facilities.

What do you get at a licensed Gerson clinic?

a. Two weeks of inpatient care: all juices, meals, supplements and enemas prepared for you to ensure you have ample time to rest.

b. Medical guidance and personalized protocol adjusted to the patient’s condition from a seasoned Gerson Practitioner.

c. Complimentary stay for your support companion.

d. Blood tests upon arrival and guidance on ordering supplements prior to clinic departure.

e. Monthly follow-up consultations by phone.

2. They are the most experienced Gerson Practitioners

Gerson Institute Executive Director Anita Wilson (L) with Dr. Alicia Melendez (R)

Having opened in 2002, Health Institute de Tijuana has many years of experience in treating patients with the Gerson Therapy and guiding them along their health journey. Some of the facility doctors have practiced since the clinic opened and have 30 or more years of experience.

Because the clinic was opened many years ago, they were personally trained by Charlotte Gerson to practice the Gerson Therapy and are still the only clinic in Mexico that she held an intimate relationship with. Her weekly visits helped connect her and her father’s work to the patients in order to inspire, encourage, and set them on the path to healing.

While the Gerson Therapy is used as primary treatment for some patients, other cases may call for reinforcements that aid in healing conditions that may be aggressive or already advanced. During your application to the clinic, the doctors evaluate whether any of the following treatments might have benefits for your condition. Upon acceptance to the facility, you will be notified of which, if any, treatments are recommended alongside the Gerson Therapy.

a. Vitamin C IV

b. Chelation

c. Laetrile

3. They value building relationships with their patients

As you may be able to tell, both the Gerson Institute and Health Institute de Tijuana value personal connection and know the tremendous impact it can have on patient’s well being and success using the Gerson Therapy. Even after you return home from the clinic, you have a connection to doctors who are a caring part of your wellness team and your Education Team member. Your doctor will help guide you on the appropriate protocol and any medical questions, while your Education Team member is there to help answer general questions while you get going back at home or along the way if you need help.

Dr. Pedro Cervantes (L) with now recovered Gerson patient Todd

Lastly, the clinic provides follow-up consultations and return visits so that you can ensure you are giving your body adequate support or incorporating adjunctive therapies at appropriate levels. You most frequently will speak with your clinic doctor in order to update them on your current state of health as well as receive updated protocol and often patients have follow-up consultations on a monthly basis after returning home. In some cases, patients may also return to the clinic for another stay in order to continue the additional treatments they are incorporating or simply to have a break from the daily production of the Gerson Therapy.

How to Plan a Clinic Stay

Click below to read more about the steps to apply and how to plan your stay at the clinic.

Written by: Kayla Szampruch and Barbara Garcia

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