5 Things That are Educating, Exciting & Inspiring Us This Month!

Hey there, Gerson Person! Let’s take a moment to touch base with you, and catch you up with what’s happening around the Institute. Mikhaela and Ally are here today to share the top 5 awesome things that they’ve discovered this month, let you know about some fun things coming up, and share a few things that have been inspiring us!

1. The Healing Cancer World Summit

Kevin Gianni and the Renegade Health Team continue to do their part to raise awareness about cancer, alternative treatments and prevention. The Healing Cancer World Summit, which begins on October 31st November 7th, will bring together an impressive group of experts – including doctors, nutritionists, advocates and survivors – in the same online forum to share their research and experience.

While Charlotte won’t be taking part this year, you don’t want to miss informative talks by Howard Straus, Gerson advocate and Charlotte Gerson’s son, and former Gerson patient Jessica Ainscough, the Wellness Warrior, whose educational blog and health activism has inspired others around the world battling cancer. There will also be talks by Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Kris Carr, Mike Adams, and others.

This is an online event, so you can tune in from anywhere in the world. Best of all, it’s free! Click here to learn more and register! –Mikhaela

Note: Though the Summit was due to begin on Halloween, it was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy, and will now be starting on November 7th. So, if you’re interested in participating, there’s still time to join!

2. Pink Ribbons, Inc

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’ve taken the opportunity to write a series of two articles (read ’em here and here) turning a critical eye on the campaigns and products aimed at raising awareness for breast cancer and encouraging people to “rethink pink.” Pink Ribbons, Inc is a great film that examines the many problematic aspects of pink ribbon culture, including the extremely lucrative partnerships between retailers and breast cancer organizations, the hypocrisy of selling toxic products in the name of raising awareness, and the need for a new approach toward prevention and treatment of the disease. Check out the trailer below:

It’s currently streaming on Netflix Instant Watch and on Documentary Lovers. I found the documentary hugely inspirational and informative while researching my breast cancer articles. If you missed my missives on BCAM, check them out at the links below! –Ally

3. Positive Mental Art

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for your favorite veggie lover, look no further than P.M.Art.

P.M.Art is a new Vancouver-based clothing company, committed to creating and promoting positivity through art inspired by Napoleon Hill’s positive mental attitude. Hayley Holroyd, the founder and creative spirit behind the venture, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in early 2011. Despite the pain and stress, however, Hayley’s battle with cancer also brought her a new outlook on life when her husband introduced her to Napoleon Hill’s philosophy of positive mental attitude.

Hayley uses only organic, fair-trade and cruelty-free products. In addition, 10% of the profits from each item sold is donated to a specific charity, and Gerson is honored to be one of those groups! Ten percent of the t-shirt featuring the design on the right with colorful fruits and veggies supports the Gerson Institute. If you’re interested in helping Gerson and an incredible business, visit www.PositiveMentalArt.com. –Mikhaela

4. Turning Setbacks into Opportunities for Growth

Last month, thanks to the votes of our supporters the Gerson Institute was poised to receive a large grant from the Chase Community Giving Program when we were disqualified in the last few hours of the competition without explanation. However, our supporters helped us turn this setback into an opportunity for growth. Thanks to individual donors, we raised over $3,850, and over 75 of the gifts came from first-time donors.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated! As part of the outreach effort, the Institute decided to donate books and documentaries about the therapy to every person who asked on behalf of their local library; twenty local libraries will now have information on the Gerson Therapy available to the public. We also gathered over 1,366 signatures on our petition asking Chase bank to change the rules to treat charities more fairly. Together we can create change! –Mikhaela

5. Happy Birthday, Dr. Gerson!

Last Thursday, October 18, would have been Dr. Max Gerson’s 131st birthday. Our Executive Director Anita Wilson wrote our staff a beautiful message on Dr. Gerson’s birthday, which I’d like to take a second to share with you:

“Today is the 131st anniversary of Dr. Gerson’s birth, and we celebrate his birth, life and work. He walked this earth with a vision of healing the hopeless etched on his heart. He created and gave that healing work to all who would listen. I am ever grateful to each of you for being a vibrant part of this powerful healing work.”

We at the Institute are so proud to carry on Dr. Gerson’s healing work, and cannot thank him enough for everything he accomplished in his lifetime. –Ally (plus Anita!)

About the Authors

Mikhaela Payden-Travers is the Gerson Institute’s Development Coordinator, managing the Institute’s various fundraising programs. A grassroots fundraiser with experience working for small organizations in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico, Mikhaela joined the Institute in the summer of 2009. She is currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Management Masters program at the University of San Diego, but when she’s not at school or at the Institute, she enjoys running, reading Umberto Eco and rescuing Tijuana street dogs.

Ally Bacaj is the Gerson Institute’s Communications Specialist. Ally manages the design and content of our website, and writes, edits and collects contributions for our blog. She also enjoys using social media to share the Gerson message and latest news on our Facebook and Twitter. In her spare time, Ally likes exploring thrift stores, seeing live music and suspects that she might be starting to enjoy running.

What’s inspiring, exciting or educating YOU this month?


3 Responses to “5 Things That are Educating, Exciting & Inspiring Us This Month!”
  1. Erika says:

    Why is it so hard to give up the junk? I totally agree and believe and support Gerson Therapy, I just have the hardest time getting rid of the habit of consuming garbage. Just finished a whole Jack’s Pepperoni Pizza. HELP! 🙁

  2. Katriiina says:

    I gave up the junk! I don’t crave it at all. Eating well was the first step: fruits, veggies and fish. But the junk craving was still there. The real freedom from candy, pizza and other deathly refined carbs was my first glass of raw grass-fed antibiotic-free cows milk. Along with the organic fruits, veggies and grass fed meats, now everyday i consume organic raw milk, raw milk cheese, raw milk yogurt and plenty of fermented veggies. The first glass found a nutritional void that needed filling. By the way, fermented cabbage juice is heavenly. Have you tried it? See Jerry Brunetti’s video:http://vimeo.com/30829016 You can do it!

  3. Alton O'Briant says:

    I had an interesting experience with this. I’m not sure it will be the same for others but it was totally liberating for me.

    I struggled intensely with sugar and salt cravings when I began. When I went to the grocery store I felt compelled to buy chocolate and salty things. I couldn’t help myself. At this time I was simply trying to eliminate sugar from my diet and after 6 months of my best efforts was becoming convinced that it was impossible for me. After reading Dr Gerson’s book 3 times I decided to take the plunge and quit salt. I know yeah? Quit salt. The thought of it drove me nuts at first, and for the first few days it was totally horrible. None of my food tasted like anything! At this time my body started eliminating all the excess salt in it. I started losing a pound a day and couldn’t get rid of the taste of salt in my mouth for over 20 days. However, at the same time my taste buds started recovering from the years of salt abuse. EVERYTHING tasted better and what’s more my urges totally disappeared! This gave me control over what I ate and lifted a huge burden off of me. I can now control my diet. My urges and previous beliefs about my limitations were totally over come. I thank the Gerson institute every day for this help. I hope my experience can helop someone else. Good luck!


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