Practitioner Training Grows with Annual Module I

In August 2019, the Gerson Institute hosted its annual Module I training event in San Diego, California.

Module I is the first phase of the Gerson Institute’s Gerson Practitioner Training program, a two to three year certification program designed to train qualified medical professionals in the theory, application and case management of the Gerson Therapy.

Each participant must meet the program’s requirements for academic, medical and clinical background and experience in order to be invited to apply. Candidates then go through a detailed application and interview process before they are selected and invited. Fourteen candidates were selected this year and were primarily Medical Doctors and Doctor of Chiropractics, hailing from Brazil, England, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Switzerland and the United States (Arkansas, Illinois, North Carolina and Washington).

Throughout the Module I training week, participants received nearly forty hours of lecture and instruction from our Clinical Instructor faculty (pictured above), who have decades of combined medical and personal experience with the Gerson Therapy.

Main topics taught include Dr. Gerson’s concept of totality, initial screenings, case history taking, Gerson supplements and adjunctives, laboratory testing with a Gerson interpretation, approaching a case, modifications for specific conditions, mind-body aspects of healing, dental guidelines and group sessions working on practice cases together.

Participants also learned from case presentations by Clinical Instructor and practicing Certified Gerson Practitioner, Dr. Miven Donato, as well as Clinical Instructor and CEO/Lead Physician of Gerson Health Centre, Europe, Dr. Melania Nagy and special guest instructor Dr. Pedro Cervantes, Lead Physician at Health Institute de Tijuana.








The highlights of the week were undoubtedly the patient testimonials. James Wedgwood, author of 3,000 Coffee Breaks, gave his personal testimonial for using the Gerson Therapy to successfully recover from renal/kidney cancer in 2003. Marije from Amsterdam started her Gerson journey under the care of Dr. Nagy at the Gerson Health Centre for leiomyosarcoma, a very rare cancer. Julio from Washington used our Web-Based Case Management service under the supervision of Dr. Donato to successfully recover from Stage 1-2 Follicular B-Cell Lymphoma. Amy from Illinois went to Health Institute de Tijuana in 2013 and beat ovarian cancer.

They also heard from other medical professionals who went through the Gerson Practitioner Training Program: Dr. Jessica Peatross, who is a Gerson Practitioner Resident working towards certification, and Drs. Annie Juneau and Henry McGrath, who both attended Module I in 2015 and became Certified Gerson Practitioners in 2018.

At the end of the week, participants were presented with hand-beaded necklaces from Executive Director Anita Wilson, representing emergence; the result of what emerged before and what will emerge from this new group of medical professionals, now a community.









The next phase of the Gerson Practitioner Training program is Module II, which consists of approximately 15-20 clinical tracks and shadowing sessions where enrolled students receive in-depth training on developing and adjusting personalized Gerson protocols, lab analysis and interpretation, running a “virtual office” for web-based case management, protocols for concurrent conventional treatments, and more.

After completing clinical tracks, enrolled students can begin case management under the supervision of our Clinical Instructor faculty. Now part of our Gerson Practitioner Network, they participate in weekly Tutorials where they present new cases, follow-up consultations, receive protocol critique and discuss questions, new research and much more. This forum allows for shared learning based on collective experiences and peer-to-peer guidance in addition to the supervised case management from our Clinical Instructors.

Our Gerson Practitioner Network, currently comprised of ten Certified Gerson Practitioners and fifteen total residents and interns, continues to grow and expand as we welcome eleven participants from Module I to the team.

Click below to work with a Gerson Practitioner within our Network or learn how to become a Gerson Practitioner.



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