Behind the Scenes: Creating Gerson Kitchen Videos Series

Last spring I excitedly reported in our Healing News newsletter that we completed filming a new series of Gerson cooking videos! Yet here we are, the following spring has sprung and the cooking videos have still not been released?! Well, I remember last spring the relief I felt thinking the hardest part was over with. Being on set was incredibly stressful, but after two days of filming it was all over – at least I thought it was!

Now came the real hard part: editing. Shooting for the majority of two days, with three different cameras going, produces a whole lot of footage – over 25 hours worth! We knew we had our work cut out for us when we began the editing process, starting with a few months of sifting through footage and slicing away the non-essential. We had a very clear script we worked from and we knew what was needed, but we still had to decide what was the best way to “show-and-tell”.

Lots of questions arose that can only be addressed after-the-fact:

Taylor Oliver (L) and Mallory Crowley (R) review footage together on-set.

Is what I’m saying clear enough? Are my demonstrations easy to see? Does each video have a sense of movement, or are certain sequences too long and hard to follow? Will viewers enjoy multiple viewings? Will they make it through a single viewing?


With these questions in mind, Mallory Crowley, editor extraordinaire, led Taylor Oliver and myself through each video, carefully molding them into six whole videos, each running between 20-30 minutes. Every video went through no less than six transformations before we were satisfied enough to show it to anybody else.

Final Touches

Despite all this work, certain final touches were still missing. For example, you can’t have cooking videos without a soundtrack – or at least you shouldn’t! So we enlisted the aid of our friend and extended Gerson Institute family member, Ryan Clement, to produce a few original songs for us to use. Now we had rhythm to work with and the feel to the videos we were searching for began to emerge.

Voice-overs were recorded and fit into missing sections of on-site audio; For example, while we had the Norwalk Juicer running! Yet there were still spots we felt could be packed with supporting information. How can you make everything valuable fit together in a way that’s also memorable? Maybe some additional text, and how about some animations? Yep, you guessed it, more rounds of additions to come! 

Text is easy, as oftentimes it’s simply used to highlight dialogue or additional information and tips. Nevertheless, it is still a time-consuming process each time text is added, and these videos sure do have a lot of text! Not nearly as much as the Gerson Therapy Cookbook, but a lot.


Gerson Therapy Cookbook: Video Companion

Oh! Did I mention that Mallory, Taylor and I were also hard at work to complete the new Gerson Therapy Cookbook while simultaneously working on editing these videos? These two mega-projects are certainly seen as companion pieces in our eyes. We were able to complete the Cookbook and release it a few months before these videos were completed.


These two mega-projects are seen as companion pieces in our eyes

The process of completing the Cookbook shaped the way we proceeded to work on the cooking videos. We began to think of the Cookbook as a school textbook, while the videos were an opportunity for the viewer to be in the “classroom” with an experienced teacher. Using this classroom aesthetic, we finally had a way to not only present additional text and information, but create an opening to include animations. The addition of animations allowed us to display visual content and tidbits in a fun, playful manner that would ultimately enhance the viewers learning experience. My first instinct was to reach out to my good friend, Ian Endsley, a comic book artist and computer game designer with a style that closely aligned with that of the videos. Ian spent several months drawing just shy of 100 different animations for us. I loved getting to work in the mornings to find a new batch of his animations waiting for us watch!


Almost Done!

This past March, nearly a year after we had our initial two-day shoot, we were ready for one final two-day shoot. This time, we’d be shooting the Introduction video, video #7,  as well as a series of title card scenes, each of which would link the separate videos.

Once we got the majority of the animations and title card scenes in, it was finally time to present the videos to the Gerson staff and hear their invaluable feedback. After spending so much time in front of these videos it had become very difficult to tell exactly what we had left to work on. Staff feedback was incredibly helpful and showed us just how close we were to completion!

Keith Schwalenberg and Joey Joyce filming on-set in La Jolla, CA

After that, we added the last few tweaks to each video. Then we locked Mallory in her office so she could focus on color correcting them all. This is a very slow and tedious process, but it makes an immense impact on the final appearance and overall quality. Once that part was done, a similar process took place with the sound, to ensure all the audio sounds as smooth and clear as possible.

At this point, we are on the brink of completing everything to get these videos ready for you! We hope you enjoy them and that they clear up some of the common questions and frustrations experienced when learning to cook and juice for the Gerson Therapy. Between these videos and the Gerson Therapy Cookbook, we’ve created an incredibly strong starting point to help you achieve your health goals.


When the Gerson Kitchen Video Series is released this July, our hope is that each video gives you the useful and practical instruction to expand your knowledge and gain the confidence to make your Gerson kitchen not just fun, but functional.

Thank you for your continued support, thirst for knowledge and hunger for a healthier lifestyle – may these new Gerson resources nourish you!


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Written by: Eric Freeman
Post by: Nicole Ferrer


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