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The Gerson Institute If you contact the Gerson Institute, our knowledgeable and compassionate Education Department members are happy to answer your questions about the Gerson Therapy and provide helpful resources. Para leer este aviso en español, haz clic aqui   There are many channels for you to connect with us and learn about the Gerson […]

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We train Gerson Practitioners, Home Set-up Trainers, and patients in the Gerson Therapy. Follow the link to learn about our training programs!


The Gerson Institute licenses two treatment centers, one in Mexico and one in Hungary. Patients come to the clinics to begin the Gerson Therapy under the care of the Gerson doctors. While at the clinics, the patients and their companions also take classes and lessons to instruct them on how to practice the therapy on their own, so that they can continue following the Gerson Therapy once they return home.

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Becoming fully educated about the Gerson Therapy is the first step toward reclaiming your health and making an informed decision about your treatment options. To learn more about how the Gerson Therapy works, visit our brand-new Gerson Store for a wide selection of educational materials.

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You have questions, we have answers! Click on to learn more about the Gerson Institute and the Gerson Therapy…

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