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Since 1984, the Gerson Institute has published the Healing News, our organization’s newsletter, designed to keep Gerson patients and donors connected with the Institute. This month, we rolled out a brand-new redesign!

Up until this month, our newsletter was 12 pages long, published bimonthly, and mailed out to individuals who made a yearly donation of $45+, which covered the considerable costs of printing and mailing the newsletter via first class mail.

In recent years, though, we’ve seen that there are many more Gerson persons who would like to receive Healing News, but can’t afford the $45 yearly donation to maintain their subscription. So we decided to explore new ways to make the newsletter available to more people, at a low cost, without breaking the bank — yours or ours!

Now, we will publish a much larger issue (now 20 pages!), four times a year. Publishing a larger issue, less frequently, allows us to write longer and more in-depth articles on topics relevant to the Gerson Therapy, such as current events, information on adjunctive therapies, more stories from Gerson patients, and more practical tips for doing the Gerson Therapy efficiently and affordably.

Take a peek inside the newly revamped and revitalized Healing News!


Download a Free Sample Issue!

In this most recent issue, we wrote about the history of potatoes, a new documentary coming out this year, two recovery stories from Gerson patients, recipes, tips on dealing with low appetite and more! The 8 extra pages in our new format allows to fit in more stories, longer articles, and more photos.

| Click Here to Download the Healing News Summer 2014 Issue |

We won’t be publishing as often now that we’re on a quarterly schedule, and we know some of you may miss seeing our newsletter in your mailbox every two months. However, since we launched the Gerson Institute’s blog, we’re putting out much more information and articles online than we ever could before, so you don’t have to wait until the next issue of Healing News comes out to get your Gerson news! To keep up with us online, check back on our website often, sign up for our email list, or follow us on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and we update whenever we have something new to share!

How to Subscribe

DonateorangeSimply make a donation—of any size!—to the Gerson Institute, and we’ll put you on the mailing list to receive the Healing News for 3 years. Let us know if you want a hard copy by mail, or to save a tree and receive a digital copy via email–or both!

Alternatively, if you are a patient currently following the Gerson Therapy to treat a chronic degenerative disease, but don’t currently receive Healing News, send an email to Liz Cook, and she’ll sign you up — free of charge! You can email Liz at [email protected]

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