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For over five years, I have worked in the Gerson Institute kitchen. I’ve prepared thousands of Gerson meals and learned a tremendous amount about preparing food and juices according to the principles espoused by Dr. Gerson. Before my time at Gerson, I studied film making. A few months ago an opportunity came up that combined my two greatest passions: we started producing a series of Gerson cooking class videos.

The goal was to turn our in-person cooking class experience into something that can benefit those unable to come to San Diego for hands-on learning. However, as wonderful as our cooking class is, simply filming the cooking class would result in a video over five hours long! Our intention was to compress the class into a series of smaller videos focusing on the key elements of food and juicing on the Gerson Therapy. Accomplishing this was no small job, and it took an entire team of Gerson employees, along with several other individuals, to make sure we succeeded.

Mallory Crowley, the Multimedia Specialist at the Gerson Institute, also a former film student, was an invaluable part of this project. Her specialty lies in organizing and editing the raw footage into outstanding, valuable content. She is responsible for turning the many hours of footage we filmed into the final videos. We were also fortunate to have professional help from the world of movie-making. Two of Mallory’s friends from film school, Keith Schwalenberg and Joey Joyce, supported us with the use of professional cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and most importantly, experience! Now all that was missing was the perfect kitchen to serve as our “set”.

We decided to reach out to our amazing community of Gerson supporters. We sent an email to over a thousand local contacts explaining the project and what type of kitchen we were looking for. The response was incredibly encouraging. Of all the kitchens that were selflessly opened to us to use, we decided on the beautiful kitchen of Sharon Wampler. For two days, Sharon and her husband John allowed us to fully invade not just their kitchen, but the entire downstairs of their home! We are incredibly grateful for their generosity and support.

Once the “set” was secured and a date was selected, this project took on a greater momentum than before. There were no less than a million little ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that had to be completed for filming to go according to plan. Actually, I remember learning in film school that “nothing ever goes according to plan”. But plans are still valuable!

As we got closer to the filming date, Mallory and I focused on how to execute the filming, deciding such things as where we wanted to place the cameras and related items.Taylor Oliver, Gerson Institute’s Patient Follow-up Specialist and Home Set-up Training Program Coordinator, helped us with what I like to call quality control. She took care of all the minor details, including selecting, packing, and organizing set props and other supplies. Then, on set, she helped ensure that we stuck as close to our plans as possible, made sure I had all the equipment I needed and kept an eye out for any stray problems.

Never did I imagine that I would actually be in front of a camera! I feel so lucky to have been a part of this project, and I can’t wait for these videos to be available to those looking for guidance and support.

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Written by: Eric Freeman
Post by: Kayla Szampruch


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