Diary of a Gerson Person: How I Stay Motivated on the Gerson Therapy

Guest post by Lucie D’Alessandro, a Gerson patient in New Zealand

When I mention to people that I make thirteen fresh juices and do four coffee enemas a day – and this will go on for two years in total – there’s a slightly awed silence.

True, the Gerson Therapy isn’t for people who lack self discipline, or who don’t like carrots, and you have to be pretty firm with yourself to keep to the hyper strict vegan, plant-based, no salt and virtually fat-free diet.

But honestly, it’s an honor to be able to heal naturally and gently from cancer, and I love the huge awakening this healing journey has taken me on.

Still, for almost nine months I’ve been doing virtually the same thing every day without deviation: juices, enemas, and eating lots of potatoes. Yep, I do need a few practices to keep me focused and happy.

Nourishing myself emotionally, creatively and spiritually is as much a part of my day as the green juices and enemas are.

Sticking to my intense routine is made easy by…

Choosing to make it easy: this gem was a recent realization and I still struggle with the fact that it is a choice – I choose for life to be easy. This simple means that I stopped struggling against where I am; the Therapy is intense, time-consuming, and a slightly solitary endeavor, but I’ve committed two years of my life to it, so I may as well embrace the experience.

Inspiration: from the books I read and websites I peruse, to my inspiration board, I get uplifted, educated and empowered by surrounding myself with wildly inspiring info and people.

Loading up on support: Not so long ago I thought that going it alone in life was the strong thing to do, the best way. It’s not. It’s harder, lonelier and unnecessary. Support has allowed me to get and give more love, and made my whole journey so much easier.

My family is behind me 100% – encouraging me, giving me the occasional boot up the bum when needed, and providing lots of love. If your family and friends don’t support your choice to do the Gerson Therapy, there’s still love to found elsewhere; I’ve also found much love to get and give online, too, at my fave inspirational sites.

Doing it from love: I do all of this out of love for myself – not fear that I don’t want to die, although honestly it did start that way. Because I have faith in and am comfortable with the healing path I’ve chosen, and I finally understand and have embraced the amazing wisdom and capability of my body, I rarely feel fear. The odd times when I do, I simply sit still and feel it (instead of trying to repress it), observing how the fear makes me feel physically in that moment, and it passes pretty quickly.

Soul vitamins: I make sure to do things for me every day – a walk on the waterfront, pop over to the library (I’m usually reading three books at once), watch a chick flick, bake a (Gerson-approved) treat, or go on a photography mission. Fills me up.

Gratitude: before I go to sleep I think of each thing from my day that I’m thankful for. This brings them together into a cohesive ball, which grows and glows more brightly with each thanks, instead of being scattered, unconcious goodness.

This practice has helped me realize how much I love my life exactly as it is right now – and it keeps getting better and better, bigger and more beautiful: there’s a correlation, for sure!

Every few months I do have a day where I absolutely don’t want to do this any more. No more juicing, no more being stuck in the house – and no more carrots. These days are infrequent though, occuring mostly because I’m tired and am not making enough time to do things that are fun and fulfill me.

Much like fear, I just feel it; get a bit grumpy, maybe have a cry (or scream into a pillow. Done that a few times) and by the next day I’m back to my happy-to-be-on-the-Gerson-Therapy self.

About the Author:

Lucie D’Alessandro is a writer and the creator of DelveSpot, an online collection of soulful wellness and practical wisdom, channeled through the inspirational tales of people who live the life they love. It begins with Lucie’s journey healing naturally from cancer to create the radiant
life she’s always dreamed of, and an in-depth weekly weekly interview series delves into the lives of people who live deeply; the practices, people, places and stories that infuse their lives with fullness.

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below: what practices keep you on track when something is challenging you?


36 Responses to “Diary of a Gerson Person: How I Stay Motivated on the Gerson Therapy”
  1. Delores says:

    You are such an inspiration.  I’m going to pin this on Pinterest under People I Admire.  🙂
    What keeps me going is my relationship with God.  Journaling in the morning during my time with God and in His Word is the one thing I love the most and gives me the most joy and peace. 

  2. Tanya Unkovich says:

    Hi Lucie, Just want to applaud you on your journey. Such a beautiful inspiration you are! Sending you love and everything else beautiful in the world. You rock. If I recognize you on the waterfront one day I will say hi. xx

  3. Ted Whitmore says:

    How aer you responding to the treatment?

  4. Apkritis says:

    I am on gerson therapy as well. Even it is modified- i had to do 6 juices, one enema. You are right gerson requires self discipline. But it is so rewarding when you get better and better. or when you inspire people around- to live more vegan, healthyer, ecological and to have much more simple life. the whole ilness- healing- juicing- gerson experience teaches to value time on the earth, simple food, loved ones around you and organic greengrocers:) where do I got inspiration when it is hard?.. trying to see something beautiful around me, going to museums of art, doing some crafts- it gives you satisfaction in finishing project, looking good films, lisening to harmoniuos music like mozart, good deep conversations with friends, reading nice books- even love stories, trying to be creative, getting curiosity lead me. Of course there will be hard days and full of fear, but one thing I know they are more inside your head than in reality. And for sure- they will go away. Actually when i think about them now- I did not have time to dwell in fear- there always some carrots or letuce which needs to be washed…

  5. Gayeljacobs says:

    I am a certified Gerson Therapy Caregiver and I totally believe that Gerson Therapy is a healing choice!  My husband had prostate cancer and it took 18 months to heal.  Every day juicing and coffee enemas pushed him to a healthier state.  We are so thankful for Gerson Therapy and know that the human body was designed by a God who designed the body to heal.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully this will be a lifelong diet for you to follow.  It is the best!

  6. Emily says:

    Lucie, you are an inspiration.   Your words are so well written.  The practices that I do to keep me on track when faced with challenges are, positive affirmations (either saying them out loud or writting them over and over again), my relationship with God, prayer, knowing that our time on this Earth is precious and we should appreciate what God has provided for us to keep us healthy.

  7. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Dolores, that is so sweet, thank you! Sounds like you have a lovely morning routine. I love journaling too, and try to do a bit every morning while I’m doing my first enema x

  8. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Tanya, thank you for your lovely comment! Hope I’m able to provide others with some of the inspiration + love I have been so blessed to be a recipient of. And yes, do say hi if you recognize me, please! x

  9. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Gayle, thank you for all you do as a certified Caregiver! I’m so, so pleased to hear that your hubby chose the Therapy and is thriving. Yes, this has kicked off a lifelong commitment for me to love and respect my body – it is a beautiful thing x

  10. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Ted, I’m doing really well thanks. I had a tough first few months with pretty much every healing reaction in the book, and I felt terrible as I detoxed. I steadily felt better over a few months and now feel great, with the odd healing reaction here and there. I chose not to get scans, because I look at this as an ongoing relationship with my body – a new and permanent way of caring for myself, so I may or may not at the end, not sure yet x

  11. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Emily, thank you for your kind words 🙂 Sounds like you have a loving practice going to help keep you focused. Affirmations are incredibly powerful [I totally underestimated their effect] and they’re a part of my day, too x

  12. Noanieb says:

    Hi Lucie…It is so wonderful that you share your journey. I am a registered holistic nutritionist, and I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Gerson at her last appearance at the Toronto Health Show. I
    believe so much in the Gerson Therapy. I really think your words need to be heard. You are on your way to true health and wellness, and as I write I send prayer to you. I too understand the body’s ability to become the healer. You now with the Gerson Therapy have all the tools to heal. It is time to let your body return to equilibrium. My thought will be with you in the coming months. Please post often, and let the world know there is great hope, and that people have alternative places to turn for assistance in healing. Cheers to you, and to dear, dear, Max Gerson, Charlotte’s father; the man that initiated the cure for Cancer and many other diseases. And God bless Charlotte for carrying on the work of her father. Truly a blessing to find such a wonderful treatment. All the best, Earthgirl Holistic Healing Centre (Noanie)

  13. Carrie B. says:

    That is great!  May the Lord bless you and make you well.

  14. Carrie B. says:

    God is so wonderful!  Stay encouraged in Him.

  15. Ana Lucia Castillo says:

    Mi desafio es conmigo, con mi vida, con lo que quiero preservar.. cada zanahoria es para mi un respiro mas.. invoco lo que este estilo de vida esta haciendo en mi y me siento cada vez mejor!! Es una alegria hacer esto no solo para mi sino para mi familia!

  16. Lucie D'Alessandro says:

    Hi Noanie, it’s truly my pleasure and honor to share my healing journey and what I’m learning since I started the Therapy. I never understood how innately wise our bodies are, how capable they are if we give them everything they need – which we so rarely do until it’s a crisis situation. Almost every night I thank Dr. Gerson and Charlotte for their wisdom, hard work and dedication that allowed me to be on this amazing healing journey x

  17. Kaychilts says:

    Hi Gayeljacobs  My husband is fighting prostate cancer,  he has been on the gerson diet  for four mths. Was your husband on any other treatment before he started gerson                    

  18. Deltacoup says:

    Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! What keeps me going when I want to eat other foods is: thinking about those that do not have a choice in the food that they eat due to limited resources. They are just happy yo eat.

  19. marvinlzinn says:

    Gerson therapy I certainly approve of, and have known for many years that the only good food is as close as possible to the way God created it. The same logic applies to nutrition instead of drugs.

    From my biopsy of prostrate cancer, two doctors said the measurement was too bad for anything but surgery, and another doctor suggested radiation. These I flat refused immediately!  Instead, the symptoms I had for a year prior to the biopsy (a stomach ache and need of urination every two to four hours) was gone. Now I can sleep eight hours with no interruption.

    The herbs I use are graviola (from Brasil), and turmeric (from India). Fortunately my primary physician is from India, so he understands this, but if he recommended it instead of radiation, he would be fired. I add the graviola to carrot juice I make every morning.

    From experiments, three things make the cancer symptoms return: sugar, caffeine,
     and stopping the carrot juice. (I experiment everything three times to be sure.)


  20. Marilyn says:

    I am so glad to hear of your inspirational journey using the Gerson Method.  I, too, am recovering from breast cancer.  It has been almost 9 months since I started using the Gerson Method.  I sometimes feel inspired and sometimes not so much. There are several people helping me for a couple of hours a week with making the soup, juices and cleaning all those carrots and lettuces of which I am so very grateful.  I am learning to accept exactly where I am at and use inspirational CD’s to listen to during “coffee breaks”.  I look forward to hearing more from you!

  21. Tenpiglets says:

    I loved when you said to just embrace it because it is the way it is. I live by this moto. Best of luck and love in your journey! xo

  22. Heather_Rea_ says:

    Good on you. However with 4 hours of enemas, at least 6 hours of juicing(preparation and cleaning up 13 juices), 2-3 hours cooking meals and 8 hours sleep (21hours) when do you get time to go to work, run a business, pay the mortgage/rent, pay the bills, look after the kids and family, take them to school, help them with homework, care for a husband, look after the animals, do the house work, do your office and paperwork, exercise,  etc,etc. I would love to know because I’ve been trying it for 2 years and have only managed to fit in one enema a day.

  23. 2b14peace says:

    Think of the many that will benefit from your knowledge, strength and willpower, many that are worse off even

  24. Khali Loinaz says:

    I Will exercise to keep my mind busy and away from negative thoughts

  25. jay says:

    i admire the way you perceive things….not looking at it as a struggle, challenge or overwhelming burden. Simple acceptance and love for yourself makes the journey a much easier and more fullfilling one to walk.

  26. fluteman says:

    I wish you all the best on your healing journey. When I think about it in the quietness of my mind, I know and trust my/your body to do what it was designed to do given the proper nutrition. The option of pharmaceutical poisons makes no logical sense. You have chosen a good path.

  27. Wendy Blake says:

    I have been on the Gerson Therapy for about 14 months. I can’t seem to do it fully because I have three young children that take some time. But they are my inspiration and I always give them a carrot/apple juice a day as well.
    Every once and a while I cheat, and I get upset with myself but then I think, that’s ok, start over! And so that helps me keep it going and working hard at it.
    Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!!

  28. Rick Dallam says:

    Thank you for sharing these insights. I sometimes drink carrot juice –that I juice myself–maybe 1x to 2x a week. Cleaning out the juicer seems a tedious chore! Ha…
    When I read how often you are juicing I immediately felt that I need to alter this “chore” attitude!
    We are ALL One.

  29. I just started and while I say — and believe — I am committed, I also am finding it hard to get it all done everyday. I actually am kinda exhausted trying to do all this by myself. (Or maybe the detox is exhausting me when I don’t get all my “upside coffees” done…) It’s so time consuming; I hope & trust I’ll find ways to speed it up. Presumably getting a better juicer is one way… Right now I have a Jack LaLaine juicer, which is okay, but leaves lots of juicy pulp & takes forever to clean.

    I know it’s essential to do it right! Do you have any advice for someone just getting started? Were you “perfect” right out of the gate or did it take awhile to get the hang of it? (I’ve been doing it one week.)

    I thank you for sharing your encouragement, and am excited for you to have accomplished this Herculean feat of claiming your body a sacred temple of healing … I will pray for your complete recovery — and again thank you for writing this. I will strive to be a Gerson Person like you!!

    May your path be strewn with blessings,


  30. April says:

    You are inspiring.

  31. Aw cmon Phil! Oats with ripe fruit in the morning and a big pot of boiled potatoes ready for lunch and dinner…Lots of ripe fruit, salads and juicing. You can do it!

  32. Danielle Dorvil says:

    how did you become a Gerson Therapy Caregiver?..Do you know how I can find anyone in Washington, D.C. I move there this friday

  33. fineartmarcella says:

    Lucie, do you work?, or did you decide to do this journey totally focused on it. I also wonder and hope you are seeing success. I think I could do anything I really believed in for 2 years :). Being an RN, I would also wait for scans ( why get exposure) until the end, then I would just have to see if its gone!! hehe
    Did you have any other therapy prior like chemo? I do not have cancer but plan to totally do Gerson if I ever do. I believe in this.

  34. John Bender says:

    Just quit eating junk foods. Stick with veggies and some fruits. Excersize is good to get the body blood system flowing and intestines moving out foods.. Sugar feeds cancers and inflammation and salt feeds on the bodys fat. Salt contains 1 part salt,1 part sand and 1 part glass – no good.
    At 71, I wish I knew all of this at 20 years old.
    I am still learning that God designed us for natural foods only.
    Dr. Max Gerson had the answer when the food and drug industry started pushing
    junk down our throats.
    John Bender

  35. Bev Berg says:

    Hi Barbara..you have to clean the Jack La lanne right away or it’s too hard to clean..even if you only rinse the food off


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