Free Newsletters: Come by Our Office and Pick Them Up!

We moved into our new, larger office last July, but the Institute’s had such an incredible amount of growth in the past year that we’re already starting to run out of space!

We’re cleaning house and organizing around the office, and we have thousands of newsletters sitting in our vault that we just don’t have room for anymore. We’re saving a few copies of each issue for our archives. We’re giving the rest of the newsletters away for FREE!

The Healing News features stories from recovered patients, articles on the Gerson Therapy, nutrition and detoxification, and news and updates on the Gerson Institute from years past, so you can see how much we’ve grown over the past 27 years! We have issues dating all the way back to our first edition in 1984, and each issue is a wonderful piece of the Institute’s history.

So, come by our office during business hours and pick up as many as you like. Take one, take two, or take a thousand!

Office hours are 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 5pm (we close for lunch) and we’re located at:

3844 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
(Find us on Google Maps)

Hurry, we will only have them available until the end of the month!

Apologies to non-San Diegans, but we won’t be mailing them due to shipping costs; you have to come pick them up in person.

However, if you’re interested in reading back issues of the Healing News, we have every single issue of the newsletter as a PDF on our Healing News Archive CD.


To receive new issues of the Healing News every other month, become a member of the Gerson Institute!



8 Responses to “Free Newsletters: Come by Our Office and Pick Them Up!”
  1. Patriziawennerholm says:

    I wish i could come over to LA and pick one up! Unfortunately im in Sydney:( 

  2. Jose Maria Vega Fernandez says:

    I wood want to know if you have pages on spanish language.
    It seems to me  an extraordinary method for health. Excuseme my english.

  3. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Jose! 

    You can download our brochure in Spanish here: also have several Education Specialists at our office who are fluent in Spanish and would be happy to speak to you. You can find our contact information here:

  4. Dezlie says:

    Driving from Mississippi would just not work.. but thanks anyway… I love you Gerson people… cheers.. with a glass of carrot and apple 🙂

  5. Frank Seauvant says:

    Can someone please send me the INDEX to the newsletters?

  6. Frank Seauvant says:

    Can someone please send me the INDEX to the newsletters?

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