Gerson Cookbook Chosen for Local Author Showcase

What do you get when you bring together 300 selected book titles, best-selling authors, a Pulitzer-Prize nominee and the Gerson Therapy Cookbook? You get the San Diego Public Library’s 52nd Annual Local Author Showcase, held at the Central Library in Downtown San Diego.

Each year, the Local Author Program highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers in the San Diego region, aiming to bring exposure to local talent and nurture the writing arts throughout the San Diego community. The Gerson Therapy Cookbook was among the 300 titles chosen. Selected publications are showcased throughout the month of February in the lobby of the San Diego Central Library and are also exhibited in an online gallery throughout the year. Want to check out one of these lovely books? Great news, you can. Titles chosen for the Local Author Showcase are available for check-out through the remainder of the year.


Our Gerson staffers Chef Eric, Executive Director Anita Wilson, Director of Programs Amanda Onken, Director of Development James Skeet, Anna-Maria Aliano and Jessica Luna jumped at the chance to hear keynote speaker, New York Times best-selling author and San Diego native Caitlin Rother and sway to the jazzy music of flute and guitar duo, Camarada.

“Watching our talented team mingle with authors and guests throughout the evening and seeing them beam with pride when talking about the Gerson Cookbook is deeply rewarding,” remarked Executive Director Anita Wilson. “While we enjoy engaging with the Gerson community over the phone and online, it is especially powerful to hear in person the gratitude, encouragement and support from the community in our own backyard.”

Being part of this event and among such a talented group of authors is truly an honor and a happy reminder of the great people in our great city doing great work.

A big thank you to the San Diego Public Library, the staff at the San Diego Central Library and Friends of the San Diego Public Library, all of whom made this memorable event possible.

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Written and Posted by: Nicole Ferrer-Clement
Edited By: Lauren Zerweck


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