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Through our Gerson Practitioner Training Program, medical professionals with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world use their advanced medical degrees and extensive clinical skills to provide individual case management in the Gerson Therapy via TeleMedicine.

A Gerson Practitioner is a medical professional who is actively enrolled in, or has successfully completed, our Gerson Practitioner Training Program. All Gerson Practitioners within our network provide individualized Gerson Therapy protocols along with consistent case management comprised of ongoing follow-ups, protocol adjustments and medical guidance.


Dr. Sarah Paige Wilde is a Certified Gerson Practitioner and Board-Certified Acupuncture Physician licensed by the state of Florida and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Practicing in Jacksonville Beach since 2008, she has maintained a private medical office to treat a wide variety of ailments including pain syndromes, mood or hormonal disorders, allergies, and fertility/maternity issues. Additionally certified in Ozone Therapy, Prolozone, Biopuncture, Chinese Herbalism, Homeopathic and Vitamin Injection Therapies, Dr. Wilde utilizes various applications to treat the root cause of disease.

Dr. Wilde offers Gerson Therapy consultations through our Web-Based Case Management service.

What inspired you to become a Gerson Practitioner?

While working as an acupuncturist, I witnessed a fellow acupuncturist’s wife undergo treatment with the Gerson Therapy for Hashimoto’s disease. Considered incurable by conventional allopathic care, her state of health and emotional well-being was reasonably impaired as she battled with infertility, depression, weight gain and chronic fatigue. Six months following the Gerson Therapy she re-appeared in the clinic radiating confidence, tranquility, no longer suffering with symptoms of slow thyroid, stating she was “in remission” from Hashimoto’s… and she was pregnant! I absolutely HAD to investigate how she defied the odds in her recovery.

What I found was a wealth of strategic metabolic explanations for disease and the curative process, backed by scientific rationale. As a wellness practitioner, I was introduced to a team of the most knowledgable and kind-hearted healthcare providers with an established interest in advancing medicine, starting responsibly from a grassroots approach – at home, in the kitchens of the communities they’ve reached.

Based on your experience, what advice can you give for those considering the Gerson Therapy?

I first experienced the Gerson Therapy as a patient of the therapy. There is so much advice to offer! Honestly, the most essential or distilled piece of advice I can offer is this: focus on creating life-sustaining habits. Health is created in intentional acts, both big or small. Become specific with your goals. Have a clear and well-defined plan to attain them. Measurable or achievable steps taken in alignment with your destiny will ensure a safe arrival.

What do your clients say after working with you?

“I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in June 2017. I started the Gerson Therapy with Integrative Oncology in August after surgery. I’m a world class athlete and remain active. Sarah guided me through my recovery, modifying my protocol to fit my lifestyle. Customization was key to my recovery. She had the knowledge to adjust my therapy to assure my success. I would highly recommend Dr. Wilde. I remain in remission and cancer-free to this day. She helped save my life”.

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