Happy Retirement, Blanca!


The Gerson Institute is honored to pay tribute for over 20 years of service from an ambassador of world-wide education in nutrition and health, Blanca Ayala.


Blanca started working at the Gerson Institute in the early 1990s, and in 1997, wrote an article describing her personal journey with the Gerson Therapy for our newsletter, Healing News. Following the passing of two family members to cancer, Blanca suffered from, “severe migraines, colitis, hemorrhoids, digestive problems, and fatigue” (Volume 12 Number 4, page 4). After speaking to recovered patients at the Gerson Institute, she chose to change her life and embarked on the Gerson Therapy. When the ailments disappeared and never returned, Blanca was convinced and imparted her personal experience to her children, relatives, friends, and those who contacted the Gerson Institute.


Blanca’s compassion, loyalty and deep knowledge of the Gerson Therapy has been a bedrock of the Gerson Institute for over 20 years – more than half the life of the organization! Blanca wore a wide variety of hats during her career at the Gerson Institute, from teaching at training events such as Module I Practitioner Training and Gerson Basics, to supporting patients through the Telephone Coaching program, to building a comprehensive index of content from our newsletter, and as an Education Specialist answering questions by phone and email.


Blanca’s diverse and integral duties reached far, supporting people all over the world and never growing tired of doing good! During a retirement lunch in her honor, she was presented with a plaque commemorating her work and the impact she has made not only on the organization, but on the Gerson community as a whole.

Blanca’s Gerson family will miss her rare brilliance and share their appreciation…

“I will start by saying it is impossible to capture the impact of Blanca’s tenure with Gerson. One of her many outstanding traits is her continual desire to improve her work, her productivity and her ever expanding reach of excellence. It is as though she is a Gerson encyclopedia with feet!!

Blanca besides your Gerson Family there are so many from the past and the future that will miss you. Thank you from the depths of our being for all you have given. Your legacy of service and friendship lives on.”

– Anita Wilson, Gerson Institute Executive Director

“She has helped countless people to restore their health with her encouragement and guidance. Her expertise and knowledge of the Gerson Therapy and the history of the Gerson Institute is irreplaceable. She will be greatly missed by all of us.”

– Dr. Kayla Smith, N.D., Gerson Institute Director of Medical Education


“Wishing you a new journey of success and happiness in the new page of your life. May you be showered with abundant opportunities to do what your heart desires.”

– Barbara Conde, Education Specialist


During retirement, Blanca plans to travel, spend time with her family, and take photos of her travels. First, her poignant reflection…

“Working at the Gerson Institute has been such an amazing and rewarding experience. I have been blessed with great coworkers and many have become good friends over the years. I am so grateful for what I have learned about true healing. It is heartwarming to have witnessed people regaining their health!

As I turn this page of my life, I will leave with an enriched heart and many memories.”

– Blanca Ayala

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Written by: Blanca’s colleagues at the Gerson Institute

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