Help Us Plant Charlotte Gerson’s Legacy Orchard

To Gerson persons, Charlotte’s 90th birthday represents more than just Charlotte’s date of birth. It’s a time for us to reflect on her legacy and life’s work. She has had such an immense impact on so many people’s lives, and through her work with the Gerson Institute she has been able to share the Gerson Therapy with people across the world and touch the lives of thousands in need.

But what could you possibly get for the woman to whom we owe so much? Charlotte wants no trinkets or gag gifts, and–as I’m sure you know–cakes and sweets aren’t quite her cup of (chamomile) tea! Many of us were at a loss for ideas, but Anita Wilson, our endlessly imaginative Executive Director, came up with the perfect gift for Charlotte’s birthday: The Charlotte Gerson Legacy Orchard.

The Gerson Institute is planting an organic orchard in Charlotte’s honor, at Wild Willow Farm in San Diego, in partnership with San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project. San Diego Roots is a local non-profit organization that promotes sustainable, affordable organic agriculture in San Diego County – a mission that aligns quite nicely with our own.

Access to organically grown fruits and vegetables is an absolute necessity for people on the Gerson Therapy. In planting the Charlotte Gerson Legacy Garden, we are doing our part to make organic produce accessible and affordable to our local San Diego community. And, of course, Charlotte will be able to go to the orchard and enjoy as much of the fruits of her labor as she wishes!

We’re so excited to make this orchard a reality. Stay tuned for more details to come next week…

If you would like to honor Charlotte on her 90th birthday and be a part of Charlotte’s perfect birthday present, please consider making a donation.

Donations made in honor of Charlotte’s birthday will help cover the cost of the trees for the Charlotte Gerson Legacy Orchard, and will help continue Charlotte’s legacy by supporting the Gerson Institute’s education and outreach programs.

We are a small non-profit organization. Every penny is deeply appreciated, and goes a long way towards supporting our mission and Charlotte’s vision for our future.

Charlotte founded the Gerson Institute in 1977 to facilitate the opening of the first Gerson clinic in Mexico, and to make education and information available to anyone in need. We receive thousands of phone calls and emails every month, from people seeking alternatives to the prescriptions of pills, chemo and radiation that conventional medicine has offered them, and eager for information about the Gerson Therapy. It’s hard to believe that, in 1977, the “Gerson Institute” consisted of just two people working out of Charlotte’s house!

Her legacy is truly monumental, and we at the Gerson Institute are privileged to have the honor of continuing her life’s work. We devote every day to educating others about the power of natural healing, and with your help, we strive every day to make Charlotte’s vision for the future of the Gerson Therapy a reality.

Photo credits: jberndes, Wild Willow Farm



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