Holiday Temptations: A Cautionary Tale

Charlotte Gerson’s daughter (and Dr. Max Gerson’s granddaughter) Margaret Straus recounted the following story for us, which she has asked us to share with our followers. Though the holiday season is rife with temptation in the form of treats, turkey dinners and unhealthy food, it is vital to remember that healing must always come first. Stay strong!

For any Gerson patients or companions who think that a little cheating at Christmas or some other family festivity can be forgiven, I would like to share with you this cautionary tale:

Charlotte Gerson recalls a Thanksgiving with her family during which her father received a phone call from the husband of a patient with serious melanoma. The question went something like this: “My wife has been so good all these weeks, she has never cheated, couldn’t she just eat a little turkey, just some white meat today with the family?”

Dr. Gerson said absolutely not. “Not even a little bite?” insisted the husband. Dr. Gerson said no, that he could not take responsibility for such a thing. “I’ll take the responsibility” said the husband.

A couple of hours later, the phone rang again. It was the husband, in a state of panic. His wife was in a coma. What should he do? Dr. Gerson’s answer: coffee enemas every 2 hours round the clock for 24 hours.

What had happened? The woman was detoxifying rapidly, her body had been absorbing and eliminating tumors and that little bit of meat had interrupted the process. She had a sudden self-poisoning and the only way to return to her previous condition was to restart the healing and detoxification at an accelerated pace.

So please, get your priorities right.

Life is more important than an unhealthy, dangerous Christmas meal. If one is taking place at your home, eat before the guests arrive or join the party after dinner, for the unwrapping of presents. Don’t even be tempted to taste the goodies. Just keep the juices coming and don’t miss an enema.

There will be plenty of Christmases to enjoy when you have completed your healing.

A word to the families of patients: you are doing them no favors with the “poor you” attitude. Try and serve a special Gerson-friendly dinner choosing from recipes in Healing the Gerson Way or adapting to Gerson rules some nice veggie dishes you may find online.

Please don’t cheat. Your life may depend on it.

About the Author
Margaret Straus is Charlotte Gerson’s daughter. She lived in London for many years and her lectures, seminars and articles in health magazines about Dr. Max Gerson helped introduce the Therapy to England. She is married to Giuliano Dego, author of Doctor Max, a biographical novel about Dr. Gerson. In 1982, they moved to Italy where their promotion of this prize-winning novel was instrumental in bringing about the Italian translation of Charlotte’s book Healing the Gerson Way and the documentary Dying to Have Known. Margaret continues to write and lecture about the Gerson Therapy.


2 Responses to “Holiday Temptations: A Cautionary Tale”
  1. am 10 days on gerson therapy method and am not going to cheat not on Christmas nor New Year.thanks Charlotte.

  2. I am ten days on Gerson method,and am not going to cheat,not on Christmas nor new Year
    thanks to Charlotte.Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year to all of you


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