Life After Gerson: My First Year Free of Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease and the Gerson Therapy

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March of 2013 is my one-year anniversary of completing the Gerson Therapy for Lyme disease. And I have to report, so far, so good!

My body has remained symptom-free and I have adjusted to what I call the “new normal.”

I am now symptom-free, even with the life stress of leaving my close network of friends in San Diego, California to move to Durango, Colorado. Decisions like this were once impossible for me to make because of how Lyme affected my cognitive function, but now come with no fear or anxiety thanks to my “new normal.”

After completing the Gerson Therapy, I stopped taking four coffee enemas daily, the hourly juicing and the twice-daily Hippocrates soup. I do however, still juice a couple times a week and supplement with a probiotic, Lugol’s solution, potassium, and B vitamins. Today, my diet remains a plant-based diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains and I have no desire to go back to eating animal proteins like dairy, meat or eggs.

I also avoid eating salt or sugar or gluten, as I now fully understand now each of these common components of the typical diet affects the human body and how they can affect my new normal.

So when I look back at my Gerson experience, I often wonder, how much of my health struggles were caused by the Lyme disease, and how much was caused by everyday exposure to toxins like mercury, fluoride, aspartame and all the other chemicals I was unknowingly putting in my body? The Gerson Therapy removed these poisons from my body, and restored my immune system’s ability to rid my body of the Lyme bacterial infection.

As a member of the Gerson Institute’s Recovered Patients Network, I have talked to many other very sick people. The general feedback I receive from these people struggling with the decision to begin the Gerson Therapy often sounds like this:

“Oh, I can’t do this program because the diet’s too hard.”

Or, sometimes:
“…it’s the enema thing.”


“I just don’t have the time.”

But then I ask them what the alternative is. And then I ask, if what they’re doing is working out so well for them, then why are they looking into the Therapy and calling me in the first place?

The bottom line is: there are many treatments out there that promise to stop or ameliorate your symptoms. But once the treatments and medications have either drained your wallet or you stop for some other reason, the patient goes right back to experiencing the full brunt of their Lyme symptoms (as I know all too well from my own experience).

What keeps many Lyme sufferers from making the decision to restore their life and health is often because they are handicapped by what I call “Lyme brain,” a feeling I remember all too well myself. The Gerson Therapy is very challenging, and the closer you follow the program, the faster you will heal. But don’t let that stop you from trying, even if you just start making changes one at a time…

People, you can do more than you think you can. But you just have to try!



James Cudworth 4-11-12

About the Author

James C. is a recovered Lyme disease patient living in Durango, Colorado. He is an avid cyclist, and is passionate about educating fellow Lyme disease patients about the healing possibilities of the Gerson Therapy.

This article was originally published on March 19, 2013

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12 Responses to “Life After Gerson: My First Year Free of Lyme Disease”
  1. Thank you for posting this. While I am not really sick with any one thing, I do suffer from pain in my wrists from past carpal tunnel (and now recent surgery for CTS) daily. I very much appreciated your last line of “But don’t let that stop you from trying, even if you just start making changes one at a time.” That is what I am doing right now – I find the therapy to be rigorous sounding – but really do want the end product of a totally healthy body. It is very hard to break a lifetime of eating habits – very, very hard for me – as well as introduce little changes to my family (I have 4 children 10 yrs to 16 yrs still at home). I am continuously trying to incorporate the better ingredients and eliminate as many bad for us ones as possible. I figure – a step at at time – and anything I do to better the health of my kids is better than not even trying. Again, thank you for your update.

  2. James, did you need to relocate to an area that had a treatment center, or was this something you could do from your home? Thanks!

  3. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Katie! James did the therapy on his own, entirely from home. You can read more about his experience during his time on the Gerson Therapy in his last post here:

  4. floralovesyou says:

    I know it is hard staci and challenging, but you can find a way. I moved in with my best friend to help with the cost. I also cut out all other un necessary expenses. I remembered my mother was cured from an irridologist who put her on a similar plant base diet . She had breast cancer. I put that aside but did not think much of it,till now that my BFF was diagnosed with cancer in his limp nodes,pancreas ,brain tumors, and a huge tumor on his back. He partially believes in this plant base diet, but he is to influenced by todays western medicines influence. He is so sick to even take time to read anything, least alone the gerson book. I am a single mom who works 9 to 6 pm so finding time to read up with the gerson book, care for my son and feed both of them has been challenging. In all, I am making sure to find the time. My son and I are officially vegans, and my kid is adjusting well to the change. Now, I am praying that after my BFF is done with the chemo I will be then working from home to be available to start the gerson therapy for my BFF if he makes it through the chemo. For now he has agreed to meet me half way to finish his chemo, and then do the gerson therapy. It will be alot of work since he will have even more toxins in his body to get rid of, but it can be done. I too have started implimenting the tberapy by starting I coffee enema a day and started eating whats on the menu……

    Staci….Do you have close friends or family you can reach out too for help to help make this easier?

  5. Thank you James – I am starting the Therapy from Home (all started with a Spider bite for me)….and I was wondering if you did the Non-Malignant Patient Schedule (page 206 in Healing the Gerson Way Book)…..thank you

  6. Alec C says:

    Thank you for sharing your story James! My girlfriend has lyme disease. We do a mild form of the gerson therapy and she has been feeling better. You have inspired me to get going with the full therapy again, Thanks Again!!! Alec

  7. Michael Morris says:

    This is a wonderfully detaild account of James’ unfortunate experience with Lyme Disease. The detail in every aspect is excellent to give the full picture of the whole path from start to present day. James’ has a strong discipline & a very positive attitude. I like his straight, no nonsense style of talking & how he lays everything on the line about his recovery, both physical & psychologically. This is a very informative & inspiring read & shows what can be achieved by strict adherence & perseverance to the Gerson therapy.
    Michael Morris, Sydney, Australia 10/04/13.

  8. Shannon Collins says:

    Since it is extremely hard to get a diagnosis on lymes how did you do it?

  9. cheryl dileonardo says:

    My 7yrs old son has had Lyme since he was 2months old finally being diagnose at the age of 3, you can imagine the damage it has caused him, so many different kinds of antibiotic herbal as well, every time i take him off ” your right ” the symptoms come back, he has a pretty clean Diet but not Gerson,not sure how he would deal with the enema either but im so desperate to help him , would you suggest just taking him to the clinic?

  10. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Cheryl! Contact our Education Team (our free help-line), our staff would be happy to speak to you and give you more information and guidance on the Gerson Therapy:

  11. Hugo nicolas says:

    Hi Alec I’m verry glad to hear that. I also have Lyme disease.
    How is you’re girlfriend today ? Any other improvment ? remission ? healing ?

    Thanks for your’e inspiring comment Alec
    Have a nice day !

  12. Alice Necula says:

    My brother-in-law completed this treatment and his blood work now shows no more evidence of the boreolis (sp?) spirochetes. The issue now is that he still has tremors and has trouble controlling limb movements. He feels much better but these residual effects are still debilitating for him. The doctors say this is from demyelination occurring from the disease. Is anyone experiencing the same thing or is there any known treatment for this?


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