Gerson Practitioner Interns

The Gerson Practitioner Intern (GPI) has completed a series of prep courses to begin working with clients in order to sharpen their clinical skills and prepare for their first clinical competency exam towards residency status.

GPI’s receive direct supervision from our Practitioner Training Faculty (Gerson Clinical Instructors) throughout case management.

GPI’s receive referrals through our Gerson Practitioner Referral application. Visit our Web-Based Case Management page to apply.


  • S. Ghare, GPI, MD
  • P. Hughey, GPI, NP
  • K. Solomon, GPI, DC
  • R. Solomon, GPI, DC
  • M. Tucker, GPI, DC


  • D. Noga, GPI, MD
  • M. Rosa, GPI, MD
  • T. Sako, GPI, MD
  • R.D. Schroth, GPI, MD
  • P. Zhang, GPI, MD



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