Gerson Practitioner Residents

The practitioner-in-training in this class level has completed the first year of internship and has successfully passed the clinical competency level to move to the Gerson Resident status. Upon completing their residency, the Gerson Practitioner Resident (GPR) will complete a final Clinical Competency and oral exam to be eligible for the certification.

GPR’s receive direct supervision from our  Gerson Clinical Instructors throughout case management.

GPRs receive referrals through our Gerson Practitioner Referral application. Visit our Web-Based Case Management page to apply.

Representing: Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States

  • D. Fernandes, GPR, RN
  • H. Josef, GPR, MD
  • J. Peatross, GPR, MD
  • E. Santoso, GPR, MD



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