Quick Bites: 6 Interviews, Links, Odds & Ends You May Have Missed Last Month

We’re always so busy, busy, busy around here! There’s been a lot going on this month, and if you’re not on top of our every Tweet, Facebook post, email or blog post, it can be easy to miss something special. Here’s a quick summary of a few cool things that happened last month:

1. Howard Straus Interviews Diane Ake, Director of Training at the Gerson Institute

“Howard and I had a thorough discussion about the Gerson Institute’s Training Programs. I am the Director of Training for the Gerson Institute and in the 7 years I have worked at the Institute I have seen such growth in our programs. Our Gerson Basics Workshop was once held in our small office with 15-20 people, and now the class has grown to 90 people – with hundreds more people viewing and participating online though our live stream!

It is great to reach such a wide audience through the radio. I really appreciated the opportunity to reach a new audience and to have so much time to go into depth about our programs and services!”
-Diane Ake, Director of Training

Bonus: In case you missed it last year, make sure you also listen to our Executive Director Anita Wilson’s excellent interview on Howard’s show, in which she not only spoke of the Gerson Institute’s mission and future goals, but shared some fascinating anecdotes about her own unique background.

The Power of Natural Healing with Howard Straus: Guest Anita Wilson

Howard’s online radio show airs every Monday at 11 AM Pacific Time. To check out his archives (Charlotte is a frequent guest!), download podcasts and hear new shows, follow the link below:



2. The Gerson Tapes

The Gerson Tapes are a series of lectures by Charlotte Gerson and a number of testimonials from recovered patients that we had nearly forgotten about, that were just sitting in a dusty old box of cassette tapes. Fortunately, Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health rediscovered these tapes, recognized their value, and gave them new life as MP3s.

Of discovering the Gerson Tapes, Kevin said

“Within just a few minutes of returning home and popping in the first tape, I knew I had stumbled upon a golden archive of health information, which was about to be forgotten…

I was thrilled at the discovery and immediately, while the tape was still rolling, emailed those at the Institute to see what we could do to turn these treasures into a format that could be listened to and enjoyed today – or 100 years from now.”

Thank you, Kevin, for preserving these recordings (and the vital information therein) for generations to come!


3. Gerson Basics Live Stream

After the smashing success of our Gerson Basics Live Stream “beta test” in June, we are happy to announce that we will be live streaming the class again in October!

Click here for more information about the Gerson Basics Live Stream.

4. Q&A with Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte Gerson recently did a Q&A over at the Scrivens Post.

TSP: What do you love most about your life?

CG: Being able to help people and seeing them returned to happy, healthy living.

Click here to read the rest of the Q&A.

5. Meet our New Blog Contributor!

Our lovely new blog contributor Lucie D’Alessandro, a Gerson breast cancer patient in New Zealand, shared her tips for staying motivated on the Gerson Therapy. Read Lucie’s first post, check out her tips, and tell us how YOU stay sane, calm and motivated on the Gerson Therapy.

Diary of a Gerson Person: How I Stay Motivated on the Gerson Therapy


6. Free Vintage Newsletters at Our Office

We’re giving away free back issues of our newsletter, Healing News, at our office. Come by the office and take as many as you like!

Learn more here


Hope you all had a lovely, healing July and that August is equally relaxing and rewarding. What are your health goals for August?


12 Responses to “Quick Bites: 6 Interviews, Links, Odds & Ends You May Have Missed Last Month”
  1. Ginette Vallee says:

    Charlotte, who will take over all that you and your Dad did together in the far future?
    Thank you for being there!

  2. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Ginette! We here at the Gerson Institute work every day to ensure the integrity of the Therapy and to provide life-saving information and assistance to Gerson patients. And we plan to do so for many generations to come!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I just saw many case studies listed on this website–they are all dated in the 70’s , 80’s and earlier.  Where do I find recent success cases? 

  4. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Bonnie! We are working on new case studies. We do require that each patient be recovered for a minimum of 5 years (after completing the 2-year therapy) before we write up their case study so it is a long-term, ongoing project. However it is definitely worth noting that many of the patients from the older case studies are still alive and well.

  5. Antonio Hernandez (Mexico) says:

    Hello Charlotte, I have a doubt: The therapy in the Clinica Nutrición y Vida takes 3 weeks, but in your “FAQ” you say the program takes 2 years, it means that after the 3 weeks in the CNV the patient continue with the therapy by his own in home?

  6. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Antonio! Yes, patients begin the therapy at a clinic for 2-3 weeks to receive their individualized protocol under a licensed Gerson doctor’s supervision. They return home to continue the therapy on their own for approximately two years, while continuing to have follow-up consultations with the clinic doctors to track their progress and make adjustments to the protocol.

  7. eddieg says:

    how do you treat a person who has food allergies including apples and carrots and other raw fruits and veggies

  8. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi @disqus_dsAX9pK40N:disqus! Please contact our office, one of our Education Specialists would be happy to speak to you about your specific health concerns: https://gerson.org/gerpress/contact-us

  9. Syates says:

    If one didn’t have cancer but had other health related problems like restless leg, gout, and sciatic problems, would the Gerson therapy still be recommended or would there be modifications that needed to be done?

  10. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi @24786fbccb51b3f71f796abdbe3d03b8:disqus! If you read Charlotte’s book ‘Healing the Gerson Way’ there is a modified protocol for non-malignant conditions (i.e., non-cancerous conditions). I of course can’t advise you on your individual health needs in a blog comment, but please feel free to contact our office to speak to one of our Education Specialists, who will be happy to share their expertise –> https://gerson.org/gerpress/contact-us

  11. Dezlie says:

    I am so inspired by the Gerson Therapy…. I am not sick but want to make healthy changes in my life. I posted a question of the Gerson facebook page but I will ask here. I had my gallbladder out, does this effect the coffee breaks? How does a coffee break work without a gallbladder? thank you and oceans of love and healings from Mississippi <3

  12. Hi Syates, I would like to respond to your restless leg query. I am on the diet (no enemas or supplements) and it ended restless leg fast. That was caused by salt in the diet for me. “Restless Leg” may be the most easily cured “disease” ever.


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