Cancer Survivor’s Racing Shirt Inspires New Gerson Tees!

Our Director of Education Silvana Procopio received an exciting email from a Gerson supporter in Australia. Inspired by Team Gerson’s efforts to “run for real healing” here in San Diego, Michael participated in Relay for Life in Sylvania, Australia wearing his own Gerson shirt!

Check out Michael’s email below to hear more about the race and his incredible progress beating prostate cancer:

“Good morning Silvana,

In May every year here in Australia there is a community event called the “Relay for Life.” The purpose is to raise funds for the Cancer Council of Australia and serves as a function where past and present cancer sufferers and their carers can rally together, share stories, glean information and generally support each other.

Various clubs are invited to participate in the event by running or walking around the Sylvania athletic track for 24 hours. This is a relay event, so the walkers and runners change over during the event. Those participating make a contribution.

I run in the event with the Cronulla Triathlon Club and have done so for the past few years. This year I decided to give the Gerson Institute some exposure by wearing a singlet I had printed with the words “Gerson cures cancer.” I ran for an hour starting at 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning, when the greatest number of people would have seen me. Although I was disappointed that no one came to ask me about Gerson, I was hopeful that some people would take note and look it up online.

So, if you have had more inquiries than normal from Sydney recently… hopefully I was the cause! I always tell people about the Gerson Therapy when I hear of people with cancer or a chronic disease.

For my own part, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago this month. Removing the prostate and radiation treatment were the options given to me. However, I decided to do Gerson. At the time I was ignorant of the Gerson Institute, so I did a diluted version of the therapy based on information I had read in a 1958 report of Dr. Gerson’s public address of his successes in treating cancer.

Within a six-week period of starting the therapy my PSA dropped from 6.4 to 1.05. My consultant Radiation Oncologist was amazed at the reduction and wanted to know how it had been achieved. He told me he had never before seen such a drastic reduction during the time he had been practicing. The digital examination he conducted could not detect any of the lumps which had been there previously.

Since that time I have aligned my diet very close to the Gerson diet and still have the four basic juices most days. Successive blood tests have all shown my PSA levels to be less than 1.1.”


Great job, Michael; thank you for all your support! We love to hear of people across the globe spreading the word about the Gerson Therapy.

Michael’s homemade Gerson shirt was pretty rad, but if YOU would like to show your Gerson pride, now you won’t have to make your own!

Last year, we made a few custom shirts for Team Gerson, our office’s own running team. After posting the pictures on our website and Facebook page, we were astounded by the number of people who wrote to us wanting Gerson shirts of their own.

A few of the many comments on our Facebook page after posting pictures of Team Gerson in their shirts back in September

We promised to make T-shirts, and today we can happily announce that they are here! Our new Gerson T-shirts are made of soft 100% organic cotton and made in the USA.   The bright, happy greens stand out against the warm, earthy brown, with our signature apple logo on the front and the phrase “Heal Yourself” emblazoned across the back. The shirts come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Check out the nifty design below:

Men’s Tee


Women’s Tee

Now you can show your Gerson pride and passion for natural healing, whether at a race, on the streets or at the grocery store (it could help explain to your fellow shoppers why you have 20 lbs of carrots in your cart)!

The new tees are up in our bookstore as of today! Check ’em out here:

Men’s         Women’s

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7 Responses to “Cancer Survivor’s Racing Shirt Inspires New Gerson Tees!”
  1. Rachel Hanses says:

    Will you print some on white tech shirts for us racers!? I would love to wear to a cancer run!

  2. Cookieg says:

    i want a long sleeve one….

  3. Joan says:

    Not only is this a great report to send to those diagnosed with
    prostrate cancer, it is a good example of how to give more relief to the
    urge to spread the truth. I understand several reasons for your not
    being as blunt as Michael was. Individuals of course can be as blunt as
    they like. I thought of adding “for example” to his shirt message
    because like Schweitzer, I no longer have Type II diabetes. My dental hygienist has blood-work and a CT scan clear of evidence of cancer nearly
    two years now from her diagnosis.

    As a new member many ideas come to mind. Others might want to consider
    an information table at their next yard sale. Wireless works in your
    front yard too. A table at my small town 4th of July event, that has
    nothing to sell, just information to give, seems like a good investment.

    I too would like a long sleeve version. Maybe an option to the apron as I’ve got the carrot juicing events under control .  : – )

    It won’t be long now


  4. I just had the most awesome idea, and it’s even a T-shirt Idea, you NEED to steal.


  5. Beatriz says:

    Please need your help and don’t know where to start my husband has prostate cancer since 2007 PSA levels are  all over- his cancer has metastatic  to the liver and know to the bones.He has chemo every 3 weeks 2 chemo at the same time back to back .
    Please need your guidance where I can I get the book with the diet- there so many books like I said before our income is very limited and I can’t just purchase books  and then later find out is the wrong one .
    Thank you very much
    Beatriz Benzaquen
    Miami- Florida

  6. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Beatriz! Please contact our office, our Education Specialists are very knowledgeable and would be happy to answer your questions and give you a little more guidance!


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