10 Ways to Support Nutritional Healing


Pink ribbons pop up on every sellable product imaginable every October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, supposedly “for the cure.” And yet, the organizations that sell them are no closer to finding a cure than they were 20 years ago. In fact, the diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in women under 40 continues to increase by 2 % each year and has since 1976.1

For those of you who haven’t heard of “pinkwashing,” in our two-part Rethink Pink series on our blog, we took a closer look at the many issues surrounding the breast cancer awareness movement, from the problems with exactly what kind of “awareness” is being raised, to the misguided push for more mammograms, to the pink ribbon products on store shelves that contain carcinogens linked to breast cancer!

Do you believe that instead of looking for a “quick fix” the medical establishment should spend more time and funding in researching the ideas of toxicity and deficiency that Dr. Gerson identified as present in all cancer patients he treated over 70 years ago?

If so, rather than just fuming over pink M&Ms and pink nail polish, take action today to support nutritional healing!

10 Ways to Support Nutritional Healing

1. Support Team Gerson’s Run for Real Healing! Make a donation online between October 17 – October 23 to support the 15 runners taking part in the Temecula Half-Marathon and 5 K in support of nutritional healing.

Coincidentally, our race takes place the same day as Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure event, which will also be in Temecula. When they found out our race was the same day, they actually had the gall to ask the race coordinator to change the date of our race (especially after they learned it was benefiting Gerson)!
We’re hoping to raise $7,000 to support our free telephone help-line, which provides support for Gerson patients and guidance for people exploring whether the Gerson Therapy is right for them.

Make a donation today to support prospective Gerson patients and show your support for nutritional healing!

2. Wear a Gerson T-shirt or take a Gerson tote bag the next time you go to the grocery store, and strike up a conversation about the Gerson Therapy with anyone who asks you about it.

3. Ask your local health food store if they’d be willing to display brochures about the Gerson Therapy. Email Mika ([email protected]) for our educational brochures.

4. Invite 5 friends to your home to watch a documentary on the Gerson Therapy, such as The Beautiful Truth, or a film about nutrition and health in general, like Food Matters. You can find the DVDs in our bookstore (where all sales benefit our education and outreach programs), or watch them on YouTube or Netflix.

5. Become a monthly supporter! Making smaller gifts each month is easier on your budget and really makes by giving us a reliable income stream that we can count on as we look at expanding our programs that provide support to Gerson patients.

6. Invite a good friend over for a Gerson dinner! Make them veggie juice and a nutritious plant-based meal. (All organic, of course!)

7. Does your local library carry Healing the Gerson Way? Go to the library and find out! If they don’t, talk with a librarian and find out the library policy on adding new books to the collection. If they are willing to put Healing the Gerson Way into circulation, send us the details and we’ll donate the book to your local branch!

8. Are you interested in nutrition, research and writing? Maybe you’d like to write a guest post for our blog or newsletter on one aspect of the Gerson Therapy.

9. Get creative with DIY fundraising! Do you run? Practice yoga? Play the piano? Have a mustache you want to auction off?

Gerson Persons are doing incredible and creative work to support our mission. Last spring, Randy Clemens started a fundraiser that brought eighteen year-old Jonathan Hernandez to a licensed Gerson clinic. Last fall two supporters wrote a song for their friend Midori and donated the proceeds to Gerson. Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor Hayley Holroyd donates 10% of the sales of her Gerson-inspired tee shirts to the Institute. This month, Hot House Yoga in Virginia is running a yoga challenge that benefits the Institute.

Do you run or do yoga? Would your friends pay to see you give up your favorite not-so-healthy snack for a month? If you’re not quite 100% healthy yet – think about how many of your friend might donate $10 if you promised not to have a latte for an entire month. Take on a personal challenge to benefit your own health, and pay it forward to do good by donating the proceeds to the Institute. You can raise money for Gerson and break a bad habit before the holidays! It’s easy to start a fundraiser on platforms like Crowdrise. And you can always email us for ideas and guidance.

10. Lead by example! Do your best to eat an organic, largely plant based diet. Work to lessen the stress in your life and be gentle with yourself.

This October, you don’t have to buy a pink plastic water bottle to make a stand against cancer. Use this month to raise awareness of the Gerson Therapy, and help our efforts by making a donation to benefit our patient support programs.

Want to know more about why you should rethink pink this October? Check out our two-part pinkwashing expose on our blog!

1 Johnson RH, Chien FL, Bleyer A. Incidence of Breast Cancer With Distant Involvement Among Women in the United States, 1976 to 2009. JAMA. 2013;309(8):800-805.

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