Silent Warriors: Biking 2,400 Miles in Support of Gerson Patients

Silent Warriors: Butch's year-long fundraiser for Gerson patients

My journey with the Gerson patients I call the “Silent Warriors” started back in 2014, when I decided to dedicate one year of bike riding to help raise money for Gerson patients. I learned about the Gerson Therapy during my mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer. We came across the Gerson Therapy too late for my mother, but I knew I wanted to do something to help Gerson patients.

So, I talked with the Gerson Institute and decided to compete in a 200 mile bike race called a double century each month for a year – each ride in support of a different Gerson patient. Although each of the double centuries I rode were challenging, they did not compare to the challenging journey that every Silent Warrior has to face.

Who is the Silent Warrior? The Silent Warrior is a person who is not willing to give up on life. A person who is not only fighting for their life, but many times also has to struggle with people they love and trust. They have decided to take an uncommon path to heal themselves of a chronic disease in a manner that goes against what most people believe and consider to be risky and extreme.

They have decided to take the natural path to heal themselves by using mostly fruits and vegetables from the earth: nature’s true medicine. On the battleground of life, they face many obstacles on their journey towards health. Here are a few:

“If you know somebody who has chosen the Silent Warrior’s path…support them on their journey to fight to live. In most instances, they are fighting the biggest battle of their life and need as much love and support they can get.”
  • Their doctor does not agree with their decision to heal naturally, which causes them to doubt their decision.
  • Family and friends want them to follow their traditional doctor’s recommendations–even if those treatments have a poor prognosis–which causes additional stress on the patient and their family.
  • Many times they have to quit their jobs so they can allow the body to heal.
  • They have to raise money to cover the costs of treatment.
  • They need a trusted partner who can help them with their prescribed meals.
  • They need to purchase a high-quality juicer
  • They have to eliminate most physical activities.
  • They have to do things which are mentally uncomfortable, such as coffee enemas.
  • They need to dedicate months and even years to the healing process–sometimes a lifetime.

To be a Silent Warrior you have to have heart and a desire to live. The Silent Warrior knows there is no guarantee that their path will have the outcome they are seeking. Sometimes, even though they followed the Warrior’s path to a T, it is not enough; their soul departs and they leave us to rest in peace, in a place without pain and disease.

If you know somebody who has chosen the Silent Warrior’s path, regardless of what you believe, support them on their journey to fight to live. In most instances, they are fighting the biggest battle of their life and need as much love and support they can get.

My Time on the Bike

Butch finishes a 200-mile bike ride in support of a Gerson patient

While on and off the bike, I always felt that these people were a special inspiration to me. I still think of them all often, and continue to send them love and prayers. They all have a special place in my heart and I hope we can do more to help them win the battle of life.

During our yearlong journey, we lost one of our Silent Warriors to Cancer. David was battling with mantle cell lymphoma. He was a true Warrior, who fought his battle while working full-time though most of his journey. David’s significant other, Beth, was amazing during this period and instrumental in helping him fight the good fight. David, you will be forever loved and missed by all of us. We are so happy that you are now pain-free.

I continue to be proud and amazed by the other silent warriors that I got to meet. Although it hasn’t been easy, they are continuing their courageous fight for health.

Perhaps Keith summed it up best: “No one said this thing was going to be easy or a quick fix but then you can’t rush a work of art. The love and support the Gerson community and of too many people to name have proven invaluable and make it all possible and pleasurable. To have a cancer diagnosis and be excited about the future is a very telling comment on the Gerson Therapy and I am eternally grateful for having the chance to be part of something so special.”

I am grateful for having been able to meet all these incredible courageous men and women – and grateful for all the hundreds of Gerson supporters who donated to the fundraisers for each of these patients.

My rides are over, but these Silent Warriors keep fighting. I continue to be in touch with many of men and women I met through the rides. Many of them are doing well and continually improving on the therapy, though it isn’t always easy. Since insurance companies won’t help cover the cost of alternative treatments, it takes a courageous and determined patient (and network of supporters) to keep healing on the Gerson Therapy. If you are feeling grateful for your health this holiday season, please consider donating to one or more of these patients – these silent heroes.

Here are the pages we created for each of these Silent Warriors; follow the links to learn more about each of them.


About the Author

Butch Rhyne is a fitness enthusiast. The former bodybuilder now focuses on cycling and CrossFit, and his idea of healthy living has moved beyond exercise to include nutrition and the need for emotional, psychological and spiritual balance in maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle. He lives in California with his wife Denise.


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