Success! Gerson Institute’s FIRST Hands-On Workshop!

In July 2016, we successfully launched our very first Gerson Hands-On Workshop and we have a lot to celebrate!


Enthusiasts from Brazil, Japan, Kansas and all over the world gathered for the 3-day training in our San Diego, CA headquarters where we provided knowledge, tools, and resources to learn about ‘how-to’ properly use the products and services for the Gerson Therapy. Our guests were taught through hands-on, step-by-step instructions directly from our in-house experts.


What Did They Learn?

Between learning how to carefully prepare coffee enemas and understanding the healing powers of clay, to training on juice preparation and cooking a full Gerson meal; our facility was packed with energy, laughs, questions and an incredible amount of bonding among our guests and staff. This was a great opportunity for all participants to work with our team of professionals and equip themselves with the knowledge needed to build confidence in doing the therapy and make better-informed decisions on their health.


So… Was The Workshop Helpful?

We checked-in on a few attendees a month after the completion of the Gerson Hands-On Workshop, and they did not waste any time putting their new knowledge into action!

“I liked the hands-on opportunities. Doing the various activities with Gerson staff oversight and directives greatly enhances the learning process and confidence/comfort level”.
– James, Kansas

“I have begun integrating food such as Hippocrates soup and oatmeal with soaked dried fruits as a staple to my already healthy diet. I trashed all my plastic and non-stick pans in favor of glass containers and cast iron enamel cookware. I have added more plants to my living space”
– Ernesto, California

“I switched to stainless steel cookware. I can more easily do coffee enemas and have a better set up in my bathroom. I make Gerson salad dressing. I make green juice. I know how to better utilize castor oil packs”.
– Shawn, Arizona


On behalf of the entire staff at the Gerson Institute, we would like to thank all of our participants who helped us achieve our goals to support the community of individuals and families who are suffering from cancer and degenerative diseases. Stay tuned for upcoming details about our next Hands-On Workshop – you won’t want to miss this great opportunity!





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