The Gerson Clinic in Mexico

Note: We want to inform our public that the licensed Gerson clinic in Mexico will be increasing their weekly rate to $6,000 US. This facility has maintained a consistent weekly rate of $5,500 US for more than 10 years and the change is due to economic inflation. The current $5,500 US rate will be honored […]

Carla Shuford and Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan is Getting Ready to Go to the Clinic, And It’s All Thanks to You!

  Last week, we told you about Randy Clemens, an awesomely big-hearted fellow who started a fundraiser to help a patient go to the licensed Gerson clinic in Tijuana in honor of his mother Bonnie, who passed away from cancer a few weeks ago. We matched Randy up with Jonathan Hernandez, an 18-year-old boy with […]

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