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J. Crow Company Phone: 1-603- 878-1965 New Ipswich, NH This company only carries the following: Lugol’s solution (Purchase the full-strength (5%) solution, and dilute by half with distilled water) Midwest Health and Nutrition Phone: 1-314-495-5606 Tarpon Springs, FL [email protected] This company carries the following: Acidoll Niacin B12 Drops Colostrum Capsules Vitamin D3-5000 CoEnzymeQ10 […]

FAQs – Supplements


  • Why do Gerson patients take such high quantities of niacin?
  • What is the difference between the clay pack and the castor oil pack?
  • Can I use any additional supplements or therapies while I’m following the Gerson Therapy?
  • How can I obtain the crude liver extract? What should I do if I am unable to find the crude liver extract?

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