Team Gerson – Running for Real Healing

Team Gerson enjoys a glass of carrot-apple juice at the finish line

Saturday, September 10, a ten-member Gerson team ran a half-marathon to help spread Dr. Gerson’s message of hope & healing. Each of us ran 13.1 miles, for a grand total of 117.9 miles for the Gerson Therapy.

Amanda Onken, who joined the Institute staff in February as our Patient Follow-Up Coordinator, is a seasoned tri-athlete, and suggested that Gerson form a running team.

When we thought about the marathon fundraising done by traditional cancer foundations, we decided that it was time to do a run for real healing, spreading our message one mile at a time.

Sorry, Susan G. Komen, we’re racing for a different kind of cure!

So, several staff and volunteers started training, and training and training some more! We’ve given a lot of sweat, several blisters and lots of sore muscles to this event. We’ve also had some interesting adventures – getting lost in Balboa Park, unplanned meetings with snakes and falling into a creek.

What keeps us going is knowing that we’re doing our part to spread the message that cancer can and has been healed using the Gerson Therapy.

Here’s what our team captain Amanda had to say about the race:

“As you have probably heard Team Gerson did a fantastic job at the Heartbreak Ridge half marathon on Saturday! The entire team crossed the finish line with no injuries and a smile on our faces. I am so proud of everyone and it was the most incredible race experience I have ever had, probably due to the amazing people on the team and the great support we got from our cheerleaders.

This race was a bit different than a fast and flat paved course. We had HILLS, dust, tarantulas, more HILLS, and some rocky roads. Our team shirts definitely sparked some interest and I am totally stoked about being the first alternative cancer treatment team out there!”
– Amanda Onken

You can see the beautiful Team Gerson shirts that Amanda designed on the left.

A lot of people contacted us to see if we were selling the shirts, but we only made a few of them for this race, so they aren’t currently for sale. However, we are planning to make Gerson T-shirts in the future, so keep checking back on our blog for updates and announcements!

We would love to run in more events, but we need your help in raising funds to cover our registration fees, transportation and running gear! So please, join us in Running for Real Healing by making a donation for each mile we run to the Gerson Institute. Whether you can give $13.10, $26.20 or $117.90, each donation helps us teach others about the Gerson Therapy.

Here are a few more great pictures from the race!


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