Welcome to the Gerson Family, Jessica Luna!


We’re excited to welcome Jessica Luna to our Gerson Team! She comes to us with five years experience in nonprofit work focusing on educating students through the Boys and Girls Club in San Diego. She piloted a program to educate students in local schools about how to grow their own foods, compost, and more through her farm-to-table curriculum.

In addition to her teaching experience, she comes to us having an education and background in the culinary field. She’s cooked for many years, and has learned many healthy, plant-based recipes through her local educational center that taught how to use ingredients from your home garden.

This week she’s participating in our Module I training to gain a deeper understanding of the Gerson Therapy’s inner workings and acquaint her with the curriculum for our Certified Gerson Practitioners. Jessica is already fitting in well with her background knowledge and with a understanding rooted in the therapy. She will bring a wider perspective to our Gerson staff and Education Department and we’re happy she is a part of our family.

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Written by: Kayla Szampruch
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