What We Learned from Chase: Trust Community, Not Corporations

Exactly one week ago, we at the Gerson Institute were thrilled as we watched you, our supporters, coming out to support us in the Chase Community Giving Campaign. Over 1,726 of you took the time to vote for Gerson and show your support for natural healing. We were in place to receive a $10,000 grant. With the growing energy and excitement, we might even have gotten enough votes to earn $20,000. Then Chase decided at the last minute–and with no explanation–that our charity wasn’t “eligible.” They still have not responded to our requests for a detailed explanation of why we were deemed ineligible.

At first we were angry. We still are. Chase Community Giving is supposed to be about putting “the power of giving in the hands and hearts of the community.” You took that power. You voted for Gerson. Your votes earned that grant, and Chase decided to ignore your voice.

So yes, we’re angry and frustrated, but we’re also incredibly excited. After we shared what had happened with you, we received hundreds of messages telling us that no matter what Chase thinks about us, YOU believe in our mission. And you’re willing to take action to make sure that we can keep fulfilling our mission: to help people learn that chemotherapy and radiation aren’t the only options – that there is an alternative holistic treatment for cancer and other diseases: the Gerson Therapy.

Here are just a few of the messages, we received from you:
Your comments

You reminded us that we don’t have to depend on funding from corporations, which often times don’t embody our values. We believe in the power of community, and you’ve shown us that we can count on you. So please, make a donation to Gerson today.

Anita Wilson, our Executive Director, is kicking off this giving campaign with a $500 donation, with funds from the Chase account she has decided to close, in protest of Chase’s actions.

How Your Donation Will Benefit YOUR Community

We want to make this an opportunity to spread the word about Gerson in your community. We want to make essential information about the Gerson Therapy available for free to anyone in your local community who needs it.

We pledge to donate educational materials (Dr. Gerson’s book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases and a Blu- Ray disc with three documentaries about the Gerson Therapy: The Beautiful Truth, The Gerson Miracle and Dying to Have Known) to at least one public library in each state where a donor to this campaign lives.

How to Contribute

Make a donation of any amount to the Gerson Institute – even $1 is fine! Then send me (Mikhaela Payden-Travers – [email protected]) an email with your name and the name, address and telephone number of your local public library. We will then choose at least one library from each state at random to receive the donated materials.

Sign Our Petition: Tell Chase to Stop Exploiting Small Charities!

If you don’t want to contribute financially, that’s okay. There is another way for you to take action in support of our cause.

Thanks to you, we don’t have to depend on Chase. But, we also don’t think it is fair for them to continue treating other charities the way they treated us. We believe Chase has the right to decide which charities they want to support, but we think they should make that decision at the beginning. Only charities that Chase is prepared to grant money to should be allowed to enter the giving program.

Tell Chase to stop wasting the time and resources of charities and their supporters. Sign our Change.org petition today!

Take Action!

Big banks are powerful, but so are we. Make your voice heard.


Thank you for your support,
Mikhaela Payden-Travers

Mikhaela Payden-Travers is the Gerson Institute’s Development Coordinator, managing the Institute’s various fundraising programs. A grassroots fundraiser with experience working for small organizations in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico, Mikhaela joined the Institute in the summer of 2009.

She is currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Management Masters program at the University of San Diego, but when she’s not at school or at the Institute, she enjoys running, reading Umberto Eco and rescuing Tijuana street dogs.

Let’s make a change. Please share our message!


2 Responses to “What We Learned from Chase: Trust Community, Not Corporations”
  1. Ok, I donated. Anyway we can see if we raise more than the 10k through this effort?

  2. Carrie Mylott says:

    Try kickstart…if there’s a specific project you’re trying to complete, that would be a great way to raise money


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