Where to Start? With the Basics, of Course!

A variety of adjectives can be used to describe the Gerson Therapy: healthy, detoxifying, natural, organic…and so on. But if you ask a Gerson patient just beginning to learn about the therapy and set up their home, you might find that another word comes to their mind first: overwhelming!

While you can certainly learn a lot from the Institute’s website and Healing the Gerson Way, Gerson Basics offers folks a more interactive and visual way to learn about the Gerson Therapy. One of our recent Gerson Basics Online participants said, “It was most useful to SEE how to use the juicer and make the enemas. I made my enemas based on what I read, but seeing and hearing the class cleared up some questions.”

The class provides participants with an overview of the Gerson Therapy, including supplements and protocols, information for setting up a non-toxic home, the diet, food preparation and juicing, guidelines for taking coffee enemas, instructions for clay and castor oil packs, dental health information, and testimonials from patients who successfully used the therapy to heal themselves. You can choose to take Gerson Basics in person here in San Diego, or if you are unable to travel, you can take the class from home via Gerson Basics Online.

For participants who chose to come to Gerson Basics San Diego, our in-person class, there are the added benefits of enjoying 100% Gerson approved meals and a chance to make new friends who won’t panic when you say the word “enema.”

IMG_4843Many of the people who come to our class are battling chronic and often critical illnesses. For these folks, the information in the course is critical, preparing them to begin their rewarding but intensive journey towards health.

Common errors–like splattering yourself with carrot-apple pulp, trying to put too-hot soup through the food mill, and realizing after you’ve started your enema that the coffee was still too hot–are unpleasant at any time. If you’re just starting out, it can feel especially demoralizing!

Attending Gerson Basics won’t keep you from making some mistakes here and there, but it does give you useful tips for avoiding many common pitfalls and problems. This is important if you and your family are already dealing with the anxiety and tension that goes along with illness and the brave (but sometimes scary) decision to follow your instincts and take an alternative route to healing.

At the Gerson Institute, we focus on educating, empowering and supporting patients with chronic degenerative diseases – and we do prioritize applications from patients currently on the Gerson Therapy when it comes to awarding scholarships for the class. But that doesn’t mean that the class is only useful for those working to heal major health problems naturally.

SilvanaGBWIn fact, it’s a lot easier if you can explore treatment options and learn the basics of the Therapy before you – or someone you love – becomes ill. As one of our members, who started studying the Gerson Therapy when she first started feeling unwell, wrote to me in a recent email, “In October 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doc later told me it had been growing for about 8 years, which explained a lot. But, I was the calmest person in the room because I knew exactly what I was going to do: the Gerson Therapy!”

Knowing about the Gerson Therapy and how set up a home, cook the meals, prepare the juices, and schedule your day is pivotal to beginning and maintaining the Therapy – which, as any patient (and their loved ones) will tell you, is a lot of work! It’s far easier if you know how to do it before the crisis hits.

I talked with another Gerson person on the phone a few months ago, who said his experience at Gerson Basics had really made a difference when his wife developed breast cancer. His knowledge, confidence and willingness to be a caregiver made it easier for her to decide to trust her instincts and follow the Gerson Therapy.

We can’t make our loved ones do the Gerson Therapy if they don’t want to, but we can ensure that they know a non-toxic treatment option exists, and it’s helpful to have the knowledge to back it up. We can offer them encouragement, guidance, and care if they come to choose the Gerson Therapy as the right treatment for them. And this can make all the difference. A loving and positive support system is an important part of giving patients the energy and faith that they need for healing.

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