Why We Need More Gerson Practitioners

"In the hand of the physician, nutrition can be the highest and best remedy" - Dr. Max Gerson

We know there is a great and ever-increasing need for Gerson practitioners. More patients than ever are beginning the Gerson Therapy from home, rather than at a clinic, and need oversight, guidance and qualified medical advice from someone fully trained and certified in the therapy. We’ve decided to make training new Gerson practitioners a priority here at the Institute, and we know it will be a great investment in the future of the Gerson Therapy. Our eventual goal is to have at least one Gerson practitioner in every state, and on every continent!


What is a Gerson Practitioner?

A Gerson practitioner is a doctor or other medical professional who can guide patients following the Gerson Therapy on an out-patient basis. There are many patients who, whether for financial, medical or other practical reasons, are unable to go to one of the certified clinics for inpatient care. Gerson practitioners provide long-term case management for patients doing the Gerson Therapy from home.

Gerson practitioners develop personalized treatment protocols for their patients, specifically tailored to the individual patient, based on their diagnosis, blood work, medical history, previous treatments and other factors. A Gerson practitioner monitors their patient’s ongoing progress, and can make adjustments to their protocol based on the patient’s progress.

You can read more about Gerson practitioners at the link below:



Why Do We Need More Practitioners?

The Gerson Therapy is a long-term treatment. The minimum time a patient can expect to stay on the therapy is two years; in some cases, it can be as long as five years. Nutritional treatments work slowly, over time, and we see that healing does not happen as quickly as in Dr. Max Gerson’s day, when he recommended that patients stay on the therapy for 18 months. Gerson patients need to remain on the therapy until their cancer is completely gone, however long that may be–and then, remain on a reduced therapy protocol for a period of time to prevent a recurrence, and eventually transition to a maintenance diet.

During this time, patients often need medical advice and guidance. A Gerson practitioner monitors their progress and analyzes their blood work. Over the years that a patient follows the Gerson Therapy, there are flare-ups, healing reactions, detox reactions, improvements and sometimes setbacks. A practitioner helps guide a patient through these ups and downs, and makes adjustments to the patient’s protocol to suit any specific needs that arise.

Currently, there are only a few certified Gerson practitioners (you can see the ones listed on our website HERE), and there are more practitioners currently in training. And yet, there are Gerson patients all over the world. Some lucky patients are able to start the therapy from one of the licensed Gerson clinics, where they are under the direct supervision of an experienced Gerson practitioner, and follow up with their doctor regularly afterwards. Other patients work with Gerson practitioners in private practice on an outpatient basis. Yet, there are also patients who are unable to work with a certified Gerson practitioner, and simply work with their local oncologist, doctor or naturopath. While this medical supervision is essential, most doctors–even those who work within the field of alternative medicine–have little or no expertise in the Gerson Therapy, and as such have difficulty making recommendations regarding the Gerson Therapy or their patient’s protocol.

Our goal is for every Gerson patient, in every corner of the world, to have the opportunity to work with a Gerson practitioner who has the expertise and knowledge to guide them.

How to Become a Gerson Practitioner

The first step towards becoming a Gerson practitioner is to take Module I, our annual 6-day seminar held here in San Diego. Module I is coming up soon, on April 30 – May 5, 2017 and we still have spots available for qualified participants to begin the process of becoming certified in the Gerson Therapy.

Module I covers a wide range of topics such as the physiological basis of the Gerson Therapy, patient assessment, individual therapy protocol design and
ongoing case management skills. Participants will learn about nutrition and how food can be used as medicine, detoxification of the body, healing reactions, restoration of the metabolism, and more. Current Gerson practitioners will lecture and share their experiences and case studies.


Gerson Practitioner Training Program: Module I
When: April 30 – May 5, 2017
Where: San Diego, CA
Eligibility: Participants must hold one of the following medical credentials: MD, DO, ND, NP, PA, DC, Li.Ac., OMD

Learn more and apply for our Gerson Practitioner Training Program

If you are a practitioner who is interested in the Gerson Therapy, please join us! Or, if you know a practitioner who might be interested in becoming a certified Gerson practitioner, please let them know about our program. You can learn more about the program at the link below:


We need the help of the entire Gerson community to make sure that Gerson patients get the help and guidance they need on their healing journeys.

If you have any questions about our Gerson Practitioner Training Program, please email Amanda Onken at [email protected] for details.

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