8 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

8 amazing uses for apple cider vinegarIf you only use apple cider vinegar on your salad, you’re seriously underestimating its potential. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (often abbreviated as ACV) can be used in so many ways that by the end of this article you may start keeping a bottle in every room of your house, not just the fridge! You can use apple cider vinegar for hair and skin care, household cleaning, healing and cooking.

What kind of apple cider vinegar?

Get the good stuff. By “the good stuff,” I mean raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. We’re big fans of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (pictured at the top).

If you’ve got a good bottle of apple cider vinegar, you should see some strand-like sediment floating at the bottom. No, your vinegar hasn’t gone bad—that gunky-looking stuff at the bottom is the most important part! It’s called “the mother,” and it contains raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria that promote healing. In the animated GIF below, you can see what the mother looks like floating around at the bottom of the bottle (I gave it a vigorous shake first so you can see it better).

1. Eat and/or drink it, of course!

Since apple cider vinegar is, first and foremost, a food product, I would be remiss if I didn’t first fill you in on its nutritional value and health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar lowers glucose levels, and may be helpful for diabetics. It has also been touted as a weight-loss aid, as it is said to help you feel fuller and eat less. The enzymes in apple cider vinegar also promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, and can help regulate candida issues.

How to take apple cider vinegar orally: Mix 1 tablespoon with a cup of water or herbal tea. (Apple cider vinegar is quite strong, and when taken straight can be harsh on the esophagus, so you’ll want to dilute it).

And, of course, apple cider vinegar is a classic salad dressing ingredient, which you can definitely get a little creative with! While olive oil, the most commonly used oil for salad dressing, is not permitted on the therapy, you can mix your ACV with flax oil and lemon or orange juice, and perhaps even whirl it all together in a blender with a clove of garlic and a bit of onion. I even like to just drizzle it on my salad plain!

(Here’s one of our favorite go-to salad dressing recipes with ACV: Triple Citrus Dill Vinaigrette.)

2. Relieve gas, bloating and heartburn

Apple cider vinegar can also be very helpful in reducing gas and bloating. Just take a tablespoon of ACV diluted in water or tea before a meal. It can also help ameliorate symptoms of heartburn. Take a dose as soon as you feel heartburn symptoms coming on.

3. Promote alkalinity

Despite its acidic taste, apple cider vinegar actually promotes alkalinity in the body. As Charlotte Gerson says, “cancer cannot live in an alkaline body,” and one of the primary ways the Gerson Therapy battles cancer and other diseases is by bringing the body into an alkaline state which makes it an inhospitable environment for cancer.

4. Non-toxic cleaning spray

Most cleaning supplies are full of harsh chemicals, so apple cider vinegar can surprisingly provide an excellent, cheap alternative to many cleaning products. It absorbs odors and has antibacterial properties.

Simply mix one part apple cider vinegar to one part water, and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, bathroom tiles, cabinets and countertops, then wipe it off with a rag.

5. Hair care

Apple cider vinegar, when used as a rinse, will make your hair feel smooth and shiny, and provide a bit of extra clarification to remove oil and dirt. It balances your hair’s pH, which helps seal the cuticle and make the hair smoother. It can also help with dandruff, clear away greasy build-up, and soothe itchiness and irritation of the scalp.

Simply mix a tablespoon or two in a glass of water, and rinse your hair with it at the end of your bath. Make sure to rinse it out well afterwards, or your hair might feel a little crunchy.

Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will dissipate once your hair dries, so you don’t have to go around smelling like salad all day (not that that’s a bad thing!).

6. Skin care

While one of the promised benefits of detoxification is clear skin, anyone who has done the Gerson Therapy or another type of intensive detox can probably agree that the road to clear skin can be fraught with blemishes. As your body releases toxins from your blood and tissue, some toxins make their exits through the skin in the form of pimples, rashes and other angry red eruptions.

You can use apple cider vinegar as an astringent, by soaking a washcloth/cotton pad in diluted ACV and applying it to your face. Or, you can simply dab it right onto blemishes to dry them out and heal them.

It’s amazing how smooth your skin feels after applying ACV, it tightens and plumps it a bit, and can help reduce or minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Sunburn relief

While you should always strive to avoid skin damage by not staying out in the sun uncovered for more than 15 minutes, if you do accidentally find yourself burnt to a crisp, you can use apple cider vinegar to neutralize the burn. Dilute it in water and pat on the sore skin, or add a cupful to your bath.

8. Deodorant

Most commercial deodorants are antiperspirants, which block your ability to sweat. Since sweat is one of your body’s natural means of detoxification, blocking your ability to sweat can block your ability to detoxify. Plus, most drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum and a host of unpronounceable chemicals and synthetic fragrances, so you want to avoid them anyway.

So, it might sound a little crazy, but you can actually use apple cider vinegar as a natural deodorant! Apple cider vinegar absorbs and neutralizes stinky scents. Simply rub a bit of ACV in your underarms and it will absorb and minimize body odors. The vinegary smell dissipates once it dries.


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This article was originally published on April 24, 2013.


112 Responses to “8 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar”
  1. Philip says:

    End bladder infections in 5-10 minutes
    2 tblspn in about 8 oz of water

  2. Angelicarose says:

    Awesome post! I use ACV for all of these things. For a great face mask you can mix diluted apv with equal parts aztec clay powder! http://www.amazon.com/Aztec-Secret-Indian-Healing-Cleansing/dp/B0014P8L9W

  3. sandra says:

    je utilize pour les poules!melange avec eau pour le manque de calciun!

  4. I use it combined with coconut oil and vegetable glycerin as a mask on my hair. You do need a shower cap and turban wrap over that..but it is amazing! A friend shared this with me.

  5. sandra says:

    use to boot chicken soft egg,
    which lacks

  6. Mandy says:

    I have two jobs and an active workout lifestyle. At the end of my day nothing is more welcome than a hot bubble bath and a cup of hot tea. As most females know frequent bubble baths aren’t exactly healthy for us but I add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to my bath water, it is barely noticeable smell wise, my skin gets the benefits as well as my body’s natural pH. Slip a little in the hot tea as well and I’m not only getting pampered and relaxed every night but getting healthy along the way.

  7. Boz Hobbs says:

    To reduce my blood glucose (sugar), I regularly take two oz. a day in a vegetable drink. I find adding one half jalapeno pepper to the drink adds a heat element that mellows the sour of the vinegar. My glucose level had decreased 100 points in two months!

  8. scott says:

    I heard, and I’m currently trying with some success, that you can take it orally or as a dirrect applicant for all sorts of body fungus! Including toenail fungus!

  9. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR hooray! We have a wonderful supplier here in tipperary called Con Traas http://www.karmine.com

  10. Carrie B. says:

    I keep a bottle in the shower, and about once a week I dump some in my hair between washing and conditioning. It really helps keep my thick curls defined, healthy, and non-frizzy. Just keep your head tilted back otherwise it will run into your eyes (I learned that by trial and error the first time!)

  11. mark boutwell says:

    You can also us it to soften stones in your body when u are doing a liver and gallbladder flush.

  12. lendsey8 says:

    I have also heard that it can help with fingernail fungus when applied and dried twice daily for a few weeks.

  13. Quinlan says:

    i took it for acid reflux which i got in my third trimester – it really worked!

  14. Steve Mallen says:

    I heard it gets rid of nail fungus which I hear is a form of Cancer in the first place. Cancer is a Fungi. I am trying it out for nail fungus and to help detox. See Baking Soda also! I believe this event called “Project Cloverleaf” Google that! This Is what is breaking our immune system down and making us all sick.

  15. Leonie says:

    I have been using apple cider vinegar for some time, and feel a lot better.

  16. Linda Powers says:

    I use it for leg & foot cramps. It works fast

  17. Alyssa Tillett says:

    I use it for allergies or if i’m getting sick! I only had to drink it once for allergies, because i haven’t had them since!

  18. Bill Schoppert says:

    I know this is a little late but I use it for a weed killer. I don’t use the precise organic cider vinegar. I put a gallon of apple cider vinegar in my sprayer and add about a tablespoon of dish washing soap and spray away. Kills most broad leaf weeds in one spraying but I have had to spray more than once for something. Grasses will yellow a bit but come back. Nice to use around your organic gardening.

  19. Carrie Jaimes says:

    How do you use it for allergies?

  20. mila says:

    Thank you I will try all this

  21. Melody Nydam says:

    One teaspoon each vinegar and honey in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning helps your varicose veins heal…I’ve done it 🙂

  22. Charlotte Griffiths says:

    Great article! I have always been a fan of the possibilities of ACV. My most recent discovery is to use it as a natural alternative to insect repellent on the body. Put it full strength into a small spray bottle (2 oz or so) and add organic essential oils. Any mixture of eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, peppermint, tea tree and rose geranium at rate of 25 drops per 2 oz ACV. Rose geranium is reportedly most effective for repelling ticks, so that’s always in my mix. Spray on body, avoid eyes of ,course. Keep refrigerated in hot weather.

  23. Leighsa Cee says:

    don’t forget the pets…(cats dogs birds etc) a tiny bit in their water or mixed into their food helps keep them in the proper ph dalance and prevents kidney issues and UTI. In a pet bath it’s good for their skin and fur too…and if they lick their fur after they get it internally too. It’s a natural flea repellant as well. I spray a diluted mixture on pet bedding, blankets etc

  24. I have also used it very often for burns- not dissimilar to sunburn I guess and as compresses on bruising wrapped up.Most effective.

  25. vanda jones says:

    I have successfully used applecider vinegar for athletes foot. Leaving a soaked cotton wool inbetween the toes and changing daily for a week.I

  26. Used it successfully on a wart on my daughter’s foot when she was 7 years old. At her age, burning it off at the doctor’s office was not an option. We removed the cotton off one end of a q-tip and soaked it in apple cider vinegar, then place dit on the wart, and covered it with a bandaid. It was left on her foot overnight, while she slept. Within a couple days it turned black (kept treating it overnight during this time) and fell off several days later. Had my daughter picked it off, it would have come off sooner. She chose to let it fall off completely on it’s own, so it took just over a week. Amazing and NO pain!

  27. is my ACV the right one? it is the commercial one that doesn’t have those strand-like sediments at the bottom (brand: Heinz or California Garden).

    I also read somewhere that it is good for knee-whitening. I just don’t know if you’ll apply it directly thru cotton or what.

  28. Lori says:

    Diluted in a spray bottle I use it to deter cats and other animals from my garden. It is also good for diluting and sloshing in mouth to help with or eliminate gum disease and bad breath.

  29. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Sunshine! No, the Heinz vinegar is the exact opposite of what you want–no nutrients in there, and it’s certainly not organic! Plus the reddish color in those commercial vinegars doesn’t even come from the apples, it’s just artificial food coloring. That stuff won’t give you any of the nutritional benefits that I’m referring to in the article.

    You want raw apple vinegar that’s unpasteurized, with the “mother” at the bottom. I think Bragg’s is the most commonly available raw ACV (it’s the bottle in the picture at the top–you can find it at any health food store).

  30. rose says:

    Ferment veggies with ACV, mineral water, spices and raw honey- the veggies are delish done this way and the drinkable solution that it produces is a great immune boost

  31. Kyle Weiland says:

    Also works on warts! Tape a damp cotton ball over the wart for 5-7 nights and it should die off soon

  32. vinegarguru says:

    I’d just like to say an Amen to ACV for the relief of Athletes foot, but all AF is not confined to toes. You can soak both feet in a 50/50 ACV and water solution or get a spray bottle and use it full strength.

    Spray infected areas for a period of about 2 to four weeks. when you get a sudden itch use the spray it will put out the fire right away, especially at night when the itch keeps you awake.

    The trick to keeping it gone is also using the ACV to thoroughly clean the insides of ALL your shoes and hosiery, The acidic ACV will kill all fungus so that you are not re-contaminated.

    That’s why the OTC and prescription creams and pills only work for a while, They don’t instruct you to clean shoes, socks and surfaces where the fungus lies in wait to attack again, and keep you going back for more toxic meds $$$

  33. Geraldine Schlichter says:

    My child was getting small warts on the soles of the feet-I think from the public pool. I used Dr Jarvis’s remedy. Soak the feet in apple cider vingar for 1 hour, repeat in 24 hours if necessary. The warts did not continue to grow & eventually disappeared.

  34. Geraldine Schlichter says:

    how do you use it? What quantities mixed with what, and how to take?

  35. Antoinette says:

    We’re using it in eyedrops as recommended in The Master Cleanser: 5 parts distilled water, 2 parts best grade of honey, 1 part pure apple cider vinegar – we use Bragg’s cause it’s the absolute best 🙂 One drop each eye in the morning and at night.

    It stings for about a minute but after a week my sight has improved; I do eye exercises (The Program for Better Vision) sporadically and can definitely tell the difference over exercises alone. The book says people have overcome the need for glasses and that’s my aim – to get rid of my reading glasses. Yesterday I studied all day and didn’t need them until the end of a long day, so that’s progress.

  36. JWHacket says:

    It also works very well to get rid of molluscum. Soak a small piece of cotton and attach it to the wart with a band-aid or tape and in a day or two the wart will turn very white and then black. It worked better for me than a very expensive prescription from my doctor .

  37. Susie says:

    I have been using ACV as a spray cleaner while washing fresh fruits and veg to kill bacteria in a non-chemical manner for my cancer survivor hubby. He’s still here at 90 so I guess it works!

  38. holly says:

    ACV is great for liver/gallbladder pain! A tablespoon or two in a large d glass of water or diluted organic apple juice. Also a great energy booster/ detox aid for Lyme disease and treatment. Best used in conjunction with epsom salt baths or foot baths. Personal experience.

  39. Nancy Drew says:

    Really? this is the 1st time I’ve heard about this ‘cure’ (for varicose veins), will def. try it…:)

  40. Louise Eld Basford says:

    Yes!! Another use is as an allergy relief!!!!

  41. Gloria Ramirez says:

    Hello, Greetings from Sunny San Antonio, TX. I had used ACV successfully to minimize and all together end dizziness when I moved from a high elevation to a lower elevation. I drinked 1 tsp on 1 cup of lukewarm water. I also use it in my shower: en empty pint water bottle, add about 1/4 of ACV then rest water (we have reverse osmosis filter). Use it as rinse on female body parts after period, intercourse and any time odor is present. It balances the pH- in there. It also helps with the whitish discharge related to candida.

  42. Qadar Khan says:

    I love apple cider vinegar for its healing but I do not like the stinking smell. Any here are more than 60 benefits explained.


  43. Kara Helena says:

    I use it to help whiten my teeth and I always apply it to new bruises just after icing. It helps speed up the healing time and diminishes the dark coloring of bruises.

  44. Cecilia Mendez says:

    How to use the apple vinger to loose weight and I also was told you can use it for a natural colon cleansing is this true ?

  45. James Smith says:

    This is fantastic. Also please see some other natural products which save you money, your health and the environment:
    1. Do NOT use Anti-Bacterial soaps. These are unnecessary but also damage the
    natural (good) bacteria of your body, allowing harmful bacteria to thrive
    causing many problems. Also if children ingest it (for example in the bath) it
    is very harmful to their digestion and can cause long term problems.
    Furthermore, this is a major cause of “super bugs”, harmful bacteria that
    mutate and are more resistant and much more harmful. Super bugs have only
    recently developed as a result of anti-bacterial soaps, anti-bacterial cleaning
    products and antibiotics, they can kill and there are no known antibiotics to
    combat them! Never buy anti-bacterial soaps, just use normal soap and water.

    2. Do NOT use household cleaning products for kitchen or bathroom, etc. They
    contain anti-bacterial agents (as mentioned above) but also contain many
    strong, harmful chemicals. They are expensive and unnecessary. Use Sodium bicarbonate (Soda). It will
    clean your kitchen and bathroom, leaving it bright and shiny.

    3. Dish washing – Use hot water (wear gloves). You can add soda also. For greasy
    dishes, use lemon and hot water.

    4. Do NOT use Toothpaste. Tooth pastes have many harmful chemicals which are
    absorbed in your mouth even if you spit it out. NEVER NEVER use toothpaste for
    children under 6 years old, even the “children’s toothpaste”, they can cause
    long term physical and neurological problems. Even the organic toothpastes that
    we have seen have harmful ingredients. Use one drop of Mint oil (peppermint or
    spearmint), you can also add one drop of
    Tee Tree Oil. Also you can use Sodium Bicarbonate which is an effective and
    natural teeth whitener. Mint and Tee Tree are very effective against even the
    strongest bacteria which can cause Peridontis disease therefore even if you
    have Peridontis disease this is an effective treatment. You can also use Mint
    Oil as a mouth wash. If you are not convinced, try it once and you will see how
    strong and effective this is and how fresh your mouth will feel! These products
    are effective toothpastes and completely harmless to your body if swallowed.
    Also brush with salt is an effective bacterial killer.

    Not use shampoos on children. Shampoos, Soaps, shower gels, body washes and
    dishwashing liquids and face creams contain parabens, SLS, SLES (Sodium laureth
    sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate) and other chemicals that are harmful
    to our skin, our health and which have been linked to cancer; they are washed
    into the water system damaging rivers, lakes, seas, and contaminating the fish
    that we eat. SLS and SLES will damage the scalp and strip it of the natural
    oils of the scalp. All shampoos, even organic ones have these chemicals and
    will strip the hair of it’s natural oils, but the scalp produces more oil to
    compensate for this and in time, the hair will become more and more greasy and
    you will have to shampoo it more frequently (which is the aim of the shampoo
    manufacturers). You may have noticed that you need to shampoo your hair much more
    often now than when you where a child. It is likely that you are already
    “addicted” to shampoos and if you try to use alternatives your hair will be too
    greasy. But for children, it is important to use natural cleaners before their
    scalp becomes addicted. Use Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda), this is the most
    effective and it doesn’t matter if they ingest it in the bath. Soda makes your
    hair clean, thick and neutralizes chlorine in the water which damages your
    hair. Also you can use Tee Tree,
    Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus oils to add a wonderful smell and improve the
    hair (just one drop in a bottle of water is enough).

    NOT USE Deodorants . Deodorants can give you cancer from chemicals seeping
    into your lymph glands under your arms. Also they are a major cause of
    allergies. Use Sodium Bicarbonate, it is MUCH more effective than any deodorant
    and lasts ALL day. Wet your fingers, take a small amount of the powder and rub
    it on. It doesn’t damage your clothes at all, it’s hard to believe that it is more effective than deodorant but
    try it and you will see!

    NOT use skin creams or moisturizers. Use Jojoba oil, it is natural and is
    the only oil that will not clog your pause.

    8. Do not use Sun Tan creams. Use a hat
    and light shirt / clothes.

    on your face and body. Use a little piece of lemon and rub on the spot. Do
    this 3 times per day.

    10. Be very careful if you have to use
    Antibiotics. Get a second opinion if your doctor prescribes them. If you do
    have to use them, then use them correctly (make sure you take them at the
    correct time and you finish the course), and use a good quality Probiotic 2
    hours after the antibiotic.

    11. Wherever possible, do NOT use plastic
    containers, bottles or bags for liquids (especially hot liquids or in hot
    weather). Use glass containers if possible.

    12. Do not use Teflon (non-stick) or aluminium
    cooking pans. Use stainless steel, Pyrex or ceramic.

    13. Do NOT use Prescriptions Drugs unless
    absolutely necessary. There are usually much better, more effective,
    cheaper and healthier natural alternatives to Prescription Drugs which even
    your Doctor may not know about. Many drugs have side effects which can be worse
    than the symptoms they are trying to cure, for which you will have to buy other
    drugs to control. In general, the Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most
    unethical industries. Remember, they make their money from selling Drugs,, NOT
    BY CURING PEOPLE! If people were cured they would not get any more revenue.
    They make enormous profits which they use to market and advertise to doctors
    and pharmacies.

    15. Mosquito repellant: Use Laveder,
    Eucoliptos, peppermint oil. And see: https://gerson.org/gerpress/6-herbs-that-naturally-repel-mosquitoes-and-fleas/

    16. For Sleeping. Couple of drops of
    Lavander Oil in a spray bottle with a little water and spray the bed and

    17. Sore or swollen throats. This is a sign
    that you are getting flue. Immediately (even if you feel it in the middle of
    the night) take one teaspoon of salt in a small glass of hot water and gargle 4

    18. Nose Wash / Irrigation. This is
    effective against flue and colds. Do every night before bed, also you can do it
    in the morning and you’ll feel much better due to the increase in oxygen you
    can breathe in through a clean nose. Put quarter of a teaspoon or less of salt
    in a bottle of filtered water. Use a sports bottle with pop up top as they fit
    the nose well. Put your head forward
    slightly, squeeze gently up one nose until the water comes out the other side.
    Repeat on the other side.

    Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda), is one of the most incredible
    substances. It’s natural, environmentally friendly, kills bad germs and
    bacteria (antibacterial and antifungal). Amazingly, you can drink it but also
    clean the bathroom with it!! It has many other uses than the ones mentioned
    above, including washing clothes (it’s cheaper than washing liquid), for baking
    cakes, cleaning toothbrushes and hair brushes, etc. And it’s cheap! Hence the
    reason why no-one tells you about it or advertises it.

  46. paula says:

    I heard this was good for hot flashes, and may ease the night time sweats etc., within 2-5 days. 2tbles in 6-8ounces water, 2x/day. Has anyone any experience with this? I suggested to my neighbor, who has an awful time with these, but she is afraid to try it? Mentioned it was an organic food product, helped with digestion, inflammation and toxicity and was very healthy and was nothing to be nervous about. Tried to be helpful but at the moment don’t know if she has tried or not. thoughts on this?

  47. GersonInstitute says:

    Great suggestions, thanks James! The only thing I would say (for the benefit of any Gerson patients that may be reading) is that baking soda is prohibited for patients on the Gerson Therapy to use internally or externally–though it’s fine for household cleaning, etc. It’s prohibited due to the high sodium content, and sodium is very restricted on the Gerson Therapy.

    However, for people not following the Gerson Therapy to treat a chronic degenerative disease, baking soda can definitely be a very useful and versatile replacement for shampoo, toothpaste, household cleaners, etc.

  48. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi Cecilia! Generally for weight loss, people take apple cider vinegar orally, about 1tbsp diluted in a glass of water.

    As to colon cleansing, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone using apple cider vinegar as a colonic/enema–I imagine it would be rather harsh though, as ACV is so strongly acidic. I wouldn’t recommend it without asking a doctor first.

  49. Annabelle Betancourt says:

    how do you use it? Quantity and mixed with what?

  50. Annabelle Betancourt says:

    wow, I’m going to try this.

  51. Jd Brunnhoeffer says:

    I love using Raw, Organic ACV in certain situations.

    Bragg is only one product, Tree of Life also makes a good product. And better riced. Third manufacturer on shelves, looks good but, is not, it is pasteurized.

    SO! Buyer Beware. Read the labels. It should state, Raw, Unpasteurized.

    As a licensed Aesthetician, our skin is acid for a reason, PROTECTION. That is why a toner is used after using an alkalizing wash to dissolve oils &
    impurities collected during the day. A toner restores the acid ph. If you re-balance, oil production is minimal.

    If you do not use a highly alkalized product, you do not need a toner.

    I naturally have oily skin. I do not use soap on my body. When I wash my hair with an Organic, clean shampoo I let is drip onto my body & wash with it. I am clean with minimal disruption to my acid body system. My face does not produce an overabundance of oil & my body is not flaky, nor do I have an objective body odor. No One Has Backed Away From Me! LOL!

    People I know use mainstream soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions, antiperspirants etc. & STILL HAVE SKIN MAJOR ISSUES.

    These people also have had bouts with Breast Cancer & Bone Cancer.

    DUH! They are stripping the skin with harsh chemicals, then applying harsh chemicals that do NOTHING to restore skin balance. Leaving them to disease through infiltration from the environment or direct absorption from lame/toxic products that are widely marketed.

    Sometimes it is medications they are on. Or deficiencies in their diet.
    Shampoos are alkaline to remove oils/impurities from the hair. Shampoo diluted over my body cleanses but doesn’t radically strip natural oils.

    To restore our natural barrier, our bodies reproduce acid sebum (oil) to protect us. Daily intake of good fats & oils ensure a rapid replacement. Be sure to only eat grassfed meats, use unrefined palm, coconut, butter, ghee, olive, avocado, nut oils in your diet. These should be organic/grassfed sources.

    Health comes from within, not from outside. That being said, what you expose yourself to matters.

    BUT, your skin exposes what is going on inside your body. If you have eruptions, of any kind, unless is is obviously not from an external source, it is from something wrong internally. Your skin is your largest organ of elimination. If you liver, kidneys, bladder, colon can not eliminate a toxic overload, your skin will activate elimination.

    If your skin is eliminating,through eruptions. You need MAJOR help. Slowing down detoxification so other organs can process.

    Fine for cleansing, IF, the proper ph is restored immediately for defense. Alkaline, spring water is a good solution.

    I am concerned with the overall use of vinegar. It disrupts the
    natural shield & prolongs the acid oils from forming to protect our
    skin, which is our first & foremost line of defense. Not to mention
    our largest organ of elimination.

    We need the acid coating to repel invasion of bad bacteria/viruses/parasites.

    These days most of us are so full of toxic chemicals through municipal water, environmental conditions (fragrances, exhaust), processed foods, fast foods, Rx drugs, OTC drugs, topical creams/lotions, we are not aware of the dangers.

    Soaps, that most people use, do the same thing. Alkaline soaps dissolve oils
    & remove impurities collected during the day. This removes our
    bodies mainline defense mechanism, our shield.

    Growing up an older sister of my friend asked what I cleaned my face with because I never had breakout in my teens. I retorted water. I washed mt face with water. Mind you, this was in the 60s.

    I used a moisturizer afterwards. Not the best, but, the important thing was I wasn’t stripping my skin.

    What I have found as a blemish remedy is egg white. A simple dab of eggwhite with a q-tip, preferably free-range & organic cotton, works wonderfully. Egg white (albumin is used in a lot of the eye tightening products).

    Your article, concerning skincare is misleading. Skin & internal function of the body are different.

    So do cleaning products in the home affect health.

    Sorry, I have gotten on a roll about natural health & common sense.

  52. GersonInstitute says:

    Hi JD! I think with regards to ACV and skincare, I may have been a bit unclear in terms of the pH issue, which is admittedly a little contradictory-sounding.

    Apple cider vinegar is acidic; undiluted apple cider vinegar has a pH of around 4.25-5. So when it is used externally for skin care, it doesn’t remove the beneficial acids from the skin, it promotes and restores them. It serves the same purpose as a toner in that regard.

    However, I referred to ACV as an “alkaline food” earlier in the article because, even though it is technically an acidic solution, ACV does not cause the body to produce more acid to digest it. It has an overall alkalizing effect on the body when digested.


  53. Sarah says:

    I’ve heard about using it to remove moles. Anyone else heard of this?

  54. Gene Conway says:

    It also make a great non selective herbicide, safer and as effective as Round-up and far cheaper.

  55. dbezt says:

    I suffer from chronic migraines; and have taken all type of pain meds even prescribed medications. And none of them have given me relief, a friend told me to drink ACV diluted with orange juice or something else. I had relief within minutes of drinking it.

  56. IslandBoi1 says:

    I’ve heard for warts, not moles though.

  57. Nada says:

    I took this to lower my cholesterol but, also noticed that I was breathing better as I was releasing phlegm….i swear by this product and have recommended it to my smoker friends.

  58. Qadar Khan says:

    Yes, Maria. Apple cider vinegar works on moles and skin tags. This article explains how to use acv for moles and skin tags. http://www.removeyourskintag.com/home-remedies-for-skin-tags/

  59. Sandy Feet Events says:

    instant cure for hiccups! that really actually works

  60. Ruth Loffa says:

    if you are in UK/Europe look out for Higher Nature. A really good brand. I would banish anything from Heinz from my cupboards.

  61. Carrie says:

    Cancer is not fungus. It is our own cells growing out of control. ACV helps cancer patients but not because it killing fungus.

  62. Jimbo Franks says:

    Use as a sinus wash for infection. Dilute it first or it will burn like hell.

  63. Asha Latha says:

    Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss.

  64. Robbie Fields says:

    Can you use raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, with mother, to remove skin moles & tags? If so, how.

  65. Robbie Fields says:

    Thanks, I will try the vinegar on the moles.

  66. Arvz says:

    Can i use Apple Cider Vinegar to achieve white skin? How to do it?. Thanks in advance..

  67. Stefan Rudolph says:

    Thank you. I have a ptregyium and have been using this step to avoid surgery but my vision seems to be blurring or getting worse, but I feel I’m mentally creating that effect. Can ACV effect my vision or eyes in a negative way?

  68. Winnie Ooi says:

    Hello, could the ACV help for the dark eye Circle? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  69. Pragni Kasa says:

    but it will not work for all people…..some people get side effects by drinking this one………

  70. Guest says:

    Best thing ever for settling the stomach – indigestion or acid reflux

  71. Linda says:

    ACV is the most effective thing I have ever used to settle the stomach – indigestion or acid reflux. Almost instant relief.

  72. Linda Perkins says:

    Great insights. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits. Its wide-ranging uses (rivaling the numberof uses of tea tree oil and other nifty natural helpers) include everything from curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms, and some people have turned to apple cider vinegar to fight against diabetes, cancer, heart problems, high cholesterol, and issues on weight.


  73. Sreenivas Rao says:

    I took organic apple cider vinegar after seeing reports on several websites for treating my psoriasis of 7 years. I took 5 ml of the ACV with 16 oz of water, 2 times daily am and pm and what I experienced was magic. My psoriasis vanished! I used to have cracks, bleeding and discharges at the sole area where all the weight of the body is felt. It was driving me to a point where I just decided that I had to live with it for the rest of my life. Thank god the apple cider vinegar worked. I did have constipation as a side effect but I ate fruits to counter it. Some people may see other side effects, but the benefits simply are too many. Great product.

  74. Sarah says:

    No. Thank you for the info; it helps!

  75. Lee-Anne Van Eyk says:

    I find relief for sinus headaches when I put a drop of apple cider vinegar in both eyes…yes it does sting – but not for long…far better than a headache 🙂

    A drop in both nostrils before bed keeps your airways open and breathing better than when you are on a C-PAP machine 🙂

    Could these two ailments be acid related????

  76. Alison Skees says:

    My 5 year old son had this rash and bumps all over his knees elbows and scalp. I gave him two baths with One Cup of ACV and about a cup of Epsom salt. And the rash and bumps disappeared. I think he had eczema. Also it cured his Molluscums.

  77. karen hobbs says:

    I used it on my cat who has a tendency to hair loss between his eyes and ears but I found a completely bald spot on his neck. Looked it up on the internet and applied ACV several times a day with a cotton ball. He also licked it off, being a cat. don’t know if it was the direct application or the ingestion but in a few days the hair started to grow back. You can’t find the original spot.

  78. ak says:

    Tried it out on my skin tag and ACV worked like a charm. The skin tag fell off after 3 nights of application. Thanks!!

  79. Muriel says:

    Has anyone ever used this on their skin for relief of pain caused by shingles?

  80. Connie says:

    Bragg Organic Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider is the best!

  81. Kathleen says:

    How many times in a day/week use of ACV? because I have seborrhoeic dermititis and hopefully I could recover.

  82. Becki Warshow says:

    did you keep it covered overnight or did you leave it exposed?

  83. Catdog says:

    Topical use on meloscum contagiosum for two consecutive nights cured my daughter after 12 months of battling with the pain and unsightly ness of the condition

  84. Tiffany says:

    I used it to get rid of strep. I recently figured out the right blend of acv, apple juice, and grape juice so my kids can get used to it. Bye bye, strep, we hope for good. (I used to get strep and ear infections more than my children. The last time I had it I decided to go back to my natural ways. I felt better within 30 hours, the same time frame as a pharmaceutical antibiotic. The best part was that I had more energy and after a few days I wasn’t battling yeast.

  85. Tiffany says:

    This is the best. I do this, too. It makes my skin look and feel younger, probably from removing toxins. I have plans to do a mask tonight. I was going to add activated charcoal since I haven’t done a mask in so long.

  86. Sharon-Shay Walsh says:

    Great for your fur baby’s as well.

  87. Valerie Spinner says:

    I use it to reduce hot flashes and relieve anxiety to help me sleep through the night. 1-2 tbsp in around 8oz warm water (cooled boiling water) with raw organic honey to taste every morning and early evening. In 3 days hot flashes are much less intense and no more waking up with anxiety in the wee hours of the morning. I learned this from a naturopathic doctor.

  88. Valerie Spinner says:

    Some fungus so closely resembles cancer that it is mistakenly treated as such (at the very high cost) when it could have been treated with fungus meds or by altering diet.

  89. Valerie Spinner says:

    Yes this works great for hot flashes. Takes away night sweats for the most part r at least reduces them. I have been using ACV with warm water and organic raw honey for 3 months and no more wakeful nights from hot flashes. When I do get a flash…it is very mild.

  90. jannel says:

    how bad was ur varicose viens

  91. jannel says:

    hey can I put the acv in water to help me lose weight

  92. Dianne Renusch says:

    Does Bragg acv help with hair loss?

  93. Cyn Farlow says:

    This may seem odd..but rubbing vicks vapo rub on your toes helps rid fungus.

  94. RN369 says:

    HELP…Having trouble finding this answer…When drinking diluted,should it be with warm, hot, or cold water?

  95. Jackie says:

    Rather late but thanks very much for this timely reminder. I’m currently trying to detox EVERYTHING and this is a good round-up, with some great suggestions. Thanks, again!

  96. Charles Hawkins says:

    Tea tree oil was nearly banned in Europe because of so many ingestion complications; people ending up in hospitals so much. You have to be extremely careful with it.

  97. I love all the uses for ACV (and regular white vinegar, for that matter). Thanks for sharing these! This is a really great article & I enjoyed it very much. I was aware of the Gerson Therapy & have actually used some of the healing techniques myself for various, mostly minimal issues. I also didn’t know that ACV was that useful for candida! I suffered severely with IBS (candida) and endometriosis. So much that I began to waste away. For years I was severely ill and went through surgery which did nothing to help, obviously. It was aloe vera (using internally) that cured me and brought me back to normal! I still eat a piece of my aloe plants occasionally when I have a flare up. I’m so glad to know that ACV can be used too! I’ve seen folks online debate the use of vinegar for any kind of candida issue due to it being fermented. Not sure if ACV was ever included in those debates, though. However, I’m not sure I really buy into the belief that fermented foods “fead” the candida albicans. I’m sure in some cases of candida, certain fermented products could worsen (such as white vinegar for a yeast infection downstairs), but I’ve used fermented foods, including kefir and they didn’t cause a worsening or flare up of my own “gut candida.”

    Anyways, not to get too lengthy here. I am loving the comments from people sharing their uses for ACV too! So much awesome information. I will try some of these.

    The original reason I stumbled across this article, though was because I just gave my dog a bath and rinsed with a capful of ACV (for flea repelling) and also sprayed my mattress down with AVC. Then I got to wondering if it was okay to do that. Since ACV is anti-bacterial and good for repelling fleas and a million other things, I thought it was a perfect idea to use it on my bed. I worried that spraying liquid would cause some sort of mildew or icky smell though since I obviously cannot dry my mattress! But, I know white vinegar prevents mold and mildew, so perhaps ACV does too. I’m curious if anyone else does this to their mattresses? And if there’s any potential mildew/mold or gross smell to worry with since it will remain somewhat damp for a while? Sure hope not!

    Now I’m off to add a tablespoon to my water! I tried taking a teaspoon before and the taste was too intense that I gave up on that in days. I will go for it again, though and just try to make sure I dilute it enough that it isn’t such a bother. Thanks for the great article!

  98. Oh! I love reading this sort of information. No worries about grossing people out. This is the real, raw info from a real person that tends to be the most useful to other real people. 😉 I’m glad you shared this. I thought it was really interesting, actually. It also encouraged me even more to stick with ACV! Now I’ll be looking out for those type of results myself. Plus, it’s really great to know results from other people. You said it purges your body of fat & that intrigued me! I’ve been trying to tone up a little and get rid of a little excess fat around my abdomen, so it’s nice to hear that this is a good remedy. 15 lbs in 12 days?! Tell us more! lol. Were you following any sort of regimen or diet? What about exercise? Or did you simply add the ACV & green tea to your diet without making any super changes for weight loss? Also, do you think the combination of ACV plus the green tea is what made this so effective, or would ACV alone do the trick? Also, one more thing — is the weight loss mainly due to you taking it before a meal and the mixture making you more full, therefore eating less? With that kind of results, I can most definitely find a way to choke down 2 tbsps a day! I’m really curious about this. That is a lot of weight in a short time, and could be a seriously life-changing remedy for so many people! Thank you for sharing this. I can imagine the information you shared here will bring a lot of hope to a lot of folks!

    Oh! P.S. I almost forgot to add my own recent uses for ACV! Lol I got stung by a honeybee I think, on the bottom of my foot last week & if you’ve ever been stung, you know the mad itching that follows for days after. Remembering that I’d been eaten alive by mosquitoes recently & drenched my legs in ACV, finding that it actually worked. In fact, the bites never progressed from that moment! They’d just began itching all over me (I’m talking dozens and dozens!) and I was ready to claw my legs off when my mom said to try ACV. I did and the relief was instant. The bites, which usually itch like mad for days until they turn into large, deep scabs, resulting in scars, never progressed. The only indication was tons of tiny red spots with no itch and no inflammation. They were non-existent a day later. The only thing on this earth that has ever gave me relief and stopped the bites from getting worse!

    So, remembering that, I dabbed ACV on the sting once the itch began & it relieved instantly too. The itch lasted for 5-6 days, and every time I felt the urge to claw, I rubbed a dot of ACV on the sting & the itch would stop. Had to re-apply frequently (about 5-6 times daily), but I tell you, it kept me from going insane.

    Another one: blackheads. I have used ACV for blackheads (and acne & blemishes in general). Not sure how great the results are because I usually don’t apply it but once every so often because my skin is so dry, but it will dry out the pimples quick. They just flake right off after a day or two. And I’m currently using it to try and reduce acne scars. I’ve read that ACV is the best cure for blackheads, especially when mixed with baking soda. Tried it once, but again, the severe dryness kept me from continuing. Will try again though.

  99. I’ve read where people have said that oil pulling has improved their vision. Some have even claimed that they were able to get rid of glasses and contacts from Op’ing. I cannot give any credit to the truthfulness in it, but thought I would share with you. I oil pull, but cannot tell since my vision isn’t horrible anyways. Maybe worth looking into, though. That combined with the ACV might be pretty powerful?

  100. Tony phylactou says:

    Remove warts ,moles and boils with apple cider vinegarhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2BfxxxnwFM

  101. Dee Dee says:

    Remove Wallpaper Paste with a 50/50 solution of Vinegar and Water in a spray bottle.
    Spray wall and wipe with a soft cloth.

  102. Sharon Paris says:

    Wow, thank you James for that great information, it’s very kind of you 🙂

  103. Judy says:

    kidney stones

  104. Christopher Mayeaux says:

    I need to know if the apple cider would help me with keratoderma which is a thickening of the bottom skin of the foot. Everything the doctor has given me hasn’t worked. I think I read somewhere on internet that apple cider vinegar would help but I don’t remember exactly what strength I should use or if I should dilute it and if I should wrap my feet over night in it. Any help out there would be appreciate.

  105. Dohdie says:

    Great tips but I’m ready to run in fear from my toiletries lol. Who would think my bottle of Pantene was really a cancerous menace? Advice Taken–with a big grain of salt (sea salt of course!!)

  106. Edwb says:

    I have heard of it’s mucus breaking ability, so I give a capful to my 2 yr old mixed with half a cup of Green Goodness by Bolthouse (which totally masks the vinegary taste). It seems to help dry her congestion.

  107. PaulMoz says:

    My partner has been using raw Apple cider vinegar as a preventative for bladder infections. When my partner was young, she had a tube repositioned on her kidneys. As a result there has always been a bladder infection on a frequent basis. Since using raw Apple cider vinegar there has been a fantastic improvement. Until recently we have been picking this up from our local shop, however shopping around, when they begin trading, it seems that these guys are going to be the cheapest http://www.bodygoal.co.uk/organic-apple-cider-vinegar-by-raw-health-organic-apple-cider-vinegar-500ml.html Considering the multiple health advantages the value of raw Apple cider vinegar is fantastic. Personally I can’t believe that more people are not aware it exists!

  108. L. Christie says:

    Here’s my current favorite health tonic (tweaked a little from Dr. Justin Anderson’s recipe-Wellness Montana) –8oz. very warm water, 1 tsp sea salt, or Himalayan. 2 drops DoTerra Lemon essential oil.(really detoxes you), 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbsp. natural honey (not heated, just filtered). Sometimes I add a little more vinegar, some days I add a little more honey, depending. This really works!! Detoxes AND promotes alkalinity AND I have NO MORE ACID REFLUX!!!!

  109. Jordona Santiago says:

    Apple Cider vinegar is a fantastic, pain free way to remove insulation /fiberglass from your skin. I grew up with a father who worked with asbestos in the refineries. He would come home smelling like vinegar. I didn’t know why until years later. While helping him insulate our attic, I got it all over my arms and face. He pulled out the vinegar and poured it on a washcloth, then rubbed it on my arms. After 3 minutes, I washed it off. The fiberglass and the itching were gone! The vinegar literally dissolves the glass. Amazing!

  110. jasmine williams says:

    Also can be used to get rid of boils, rub it on 2-4 times a day

  111. Cynthia Prentice says:

    Perhaps not on the moles……. they can change as need to be checked by doctors please. You wouldn’t want to change the consistency of moles for obvious reasons.

  112. Cynthia Prentice says:

    Definitely help to dissolve both kidney and gall bladder stones, one part ACV, one part honey and add water and drink throughout the day – for a week. My kidney stones appeaars to have passed out with no pain…….


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