Certified Gerson Home Set-Up Trainers (HST)

Certified Gerson Home Set-Up Trainers (HST)

Patients transitioning to begin the Gerson Therapy need a lot of support to set up their homes and get started while adjusting to their new routine on the therapy. A Certified Home Set-Up Trainer (HST) provides patients with hands-on assistance through the transition, from setting up kitchen equipment, locating supply vendors, and teaching both patients and caregivers how to cook, juice and prepare enemas for the Gerson Therapy.

What is the role of an HST?

HSTs are trained and certified by the Gerson Institute to assist patients and their caregivers in getting started on the Gerson Therapy. An HST helps you and your caregiver(s) prepare the home environment in the most efficient manner by teaching, assisting and helping you with:

  • Proper food preparation
  • Juicing
  • Coffee enema preparation technique
  • Water filtration and purification options
  • Locating local organic food suppliers and other vendors
  • Ordering and developing order schedules for supplements, produce and other supplies
  • Organizing & setting up kitchen equipment
  • Removing toxic household products and replacing them with safer alternatives

How Do I Hire an HST?

Through the Gerson Patient Portal, patients with a treatment protocol and ongoing case management established with a Certified Gerson Practitioner (in-patient or out-patient) can find and hire an HST based on their preference of location, language, etc.

HSTs are not medical professionals and are not qualified to provide medical advice; prescribe, adjust or monitor a treatment protocol; or provide guidance without an established protocol.

How Can I Become a Certified HST?

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